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Ramsey Mereside

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Memories of Ramsey Mereside

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Cambridgeshire memories

A Child of The Fens Remembers

I was child of Ramsey St Mary's in the period 1939 to 1960. My family lived in the last 'grey pebble-dashed' council house going north out of village (3/4 of a mile from Ponders Bridge). My father's name was Harry Stafford Jacobs and my mother's Francis Ellen Jacobs. As well as myself, there were four other children, George, Bernard, Claude and Pearl. Anything about this area, particularly so Whittlesea Mere, interests me greatly. As a youngster, I fished all the waters around the northern end of where Whittlesea Mere was in the nineteenth century: Blackham Bridge, Tibbitts Bridge, PondersBridge, and Glassmore Bank. IT REALLY WAS A MAGICAL PLACE The reflections of a boy from the late 1940s and early 1950s who lived on Herne Road, Ramsey St Mary’s “I learnt about Whittlesea Mere from my father when I was very young. He told me if I looked across ‘the Herne’ towards the trees of Holme Fen from my front bedroom window, I would see the very tall chimney... Read more

My Happiest Years

Alfred Ellington. 01-06-2013. My earliest memorys are during the war when we lived in the rear half of the old Star public house. l would have been 11/12 and l remember helping father put earth on small fire bombs dropped by german aircraft the night Fountains Farm on the Benwick road was hit and set alight. A while later my mum and dad were given No.8 Ashbeach Drove and we moved, by this time l had escaped the clutches of Mr Peacock (headmaster at the school) and started working for a living. l started at Letall Farm, Pondersbridge under Mr D Berry, then Mr F Corney, and finally Mr R Papworth. Ramsey Heights, it was from here that l left and joined the Royal Navy for 7 and half years. In the evenings a crowd of us used to congregate down Berrys, Grassfield, Ashbeach and it was here that l got friendly with a beautiful young girl, but like an absolute idiot l joined the navy and let her... Read more

Going to School in The Abbey

The Abbey c1955, Ramsey
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I was lucky enough to pass the 11+ and attend the Ramsey Abbey Grammar School,
What a picturesque place to be educated, although 11 year old children did not necessarily appreciate it. Going into the main building always seemed to make one stand up straighter and keep voices quieter (oh for such an atmosphere in modern schools!!). All teachers wore their black gowns and on speech days and other special days most wore their graduation gowns, often trimmed with fur.

My School

Secondary Modern School c1965, Ramsey
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Lots of memories came back to me when I saw this picture of Ramsey Secondary Modern School, of lots of friends and lots of teachers and the headmaster, Mr Fluff Burton. I played a lot of sports in teams with friends as well, tennis, netball, swimming, didn't do very well though in athletics. Looking back other pictures of Ramsey brought back a lot more memories. My mum and dad had the Floral Restaurant and then they moved next door and took over Marriot's jewellery shop and a gift shop as well. They also started Ramsey Outide Catering Co and my dad had Cope and Kilby's baker's shop. Down the bottom from that place was the Gaiety Club, I used to go roller skating on Saturday mornings then when I got a bit older I went on a Friday night. Lots of famous groups appeared there as well. Time goes so quick doesn't it. Great to see Ramsey in those days, it certainly is different now.

The Rose And Crown

High Street c1955, Ramsey
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Mum and Dad (Roy and Joan) were the landlords of the Rose and Crown which is the white building in the middle of this picture. I was 14 at the time and Sarah my sister was 6. The pub also had a birthday while we were there 300 years (built 1661). The living accommodation was basic and the toilet was an outside shed and bucket but there was a flush job for the customers across the yard, I used that! We didn't have a sitting room so our TV was in the pub lounge, I would sit watching it doing homework with customers around me. I remember Jack Longland, the coalman I think, and his pal Bruce would sit behind me and pull my leg a little. Vic Pepper the green grocers just started helping out one busy Saturday night and did so unpaid regularly after that! Sadly the pub was pulled down in the 1970s, it would be listed nowadays. Fond memories.

New Girl 1955 at The Abbey

The Abbey c1955, Ramsey
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I passed the dreaded 11 plus in 1955 to Ramsey Abbey and still remember how awesome it was. I remember Mr Barnes was headmaster and Miss Oddy was headmisteress and very particular about pupils wearing the correct uniform. I did not appreciate the beauty of the place at the time but still visit Ramsey from time to time and consider it a privilege to have gone to school at the Abbey.

Memories of Plough-Witching

As part of a Heritage Lottery funded project running with Ramsey Junior School and the Ashbeach School we are looking for people who went "Plough-witching" on Plough Monday in the Ramsey area to share their memories with us. If you can help, please contact

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