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Charles Chedgey

Granville Hotel, Victoria Parade 1901, Ramsgate
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My great grandfather, Charles Chedgey, was given a gold watch by the employees of the Granville Hotel in May 1900. I`d be interested to know the circumstances whereby hotel employees could afford to present him with an engraved expensive gold watch.
Chris Chedgey


A Sailing Boat 1901, Ramsgate
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My greatgrandfather Giles Chandler ran a small fleet of fishing smacks from Ramsgate harbour in late 1800s and early 1900s. The Progress, Peace and Spray were some of them. The Progress was lost with all hands during a storm in October 1911. Several other fishing smacks from Ramsgate were lost at this time.

St.Augustines Abbey School/College,Grange Road

My elder brother and I, attended the school between 1961-1969 as day-boys. I cannot find out why the school left Ramsgate to take premises in Westgate-on-Sea, and why the buildings in Ramsgate were totally demolished in 1973, were they unsafe, were there financial problems?! The school in Westgate no longer exists either, apparently closed it's doors in 1995. So, a one hundred and thirty year scholastic history disappeared within just over a quarter of a century of my leaving - it is totally unbelievable! Can anybody help solve this riddle? Joe Logan, Sheffield-South Yorkshire.

USAF at Manston in The 1950s

My memory refers to Manston Airport when the USAF were there in the 50's. We had a summer holiday home and every year there was a new set of American children to play with. I was 11, and Britain was a very boring place in those days, the Americans were so colourful and exotic. If any of those children were to read this page it would be wonderful to hear from them, in particular my old playmates 'Caffy' Coffey and Daniel Fronk. Also two English girls who holidayed next door at Maxholm (forgotten their names, sorry). Happy memories!

St Georges School

Is there anyone out there who went to St Georges School, when it was behind St Georges Church? My maiden name was Anthea Wood, anyone remember me? The date is a bit vague lol, but then I am now 65!

Meeting Street

Can anyone remember Meeting Street in Ramsgate? I was born there and would love to see an old photo of the street.

Manston USAF Base

I used to live in and around London Road, Ramsgate. One of my playmates had a crewcut and was from Texas as his father piloted Shooting Star jet fighters at nearby RAF Manston. We used to make canoes and catamarans from the plane's drop [fuel] tanks - much to the irritation of the USAF people.

The guys from the base started a burger bar - the first ever - in the big Hotel on the front near the beginning of London Road and the rioad up from the Harbour.

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