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Memories of Ravenstone

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Leicestershire memories

Swannington, 1950's

I was born at Ashby-de-la-Zouch in 1950, and lived on Hough Hill for the next 21 years. Swannington back then was an agricultural village, some people worked out of the village in factories or construction, but the main work was still in mining. My father, Jack Lakin worked at New Lount. Swannington was a quiet village - no traffic! We played football, cricket and games on the main road. We also spent a lot of our free time 'down the fields' exploring, building dens etc. Also around the age of 14, we discovered the opposite sex.. girls. I left Swannington at the age of 21, to get married, and now live many miles distant. Life was so different then.

The Fifties And Sixties

Hi I was the sixth child of seven born to John William Robinson and Annie Elizebeth Robinson (Nee Cato). Our dad was a miner who worked the New Lount and Ellistown Mines. I went to school at Swannington C of E junior School before moving to Newbridge Secondry Mondern School Forest Road Coalville. Times were hard being one of seven children and much of my chilhood memories are of being very ill as I suffered from asthma, I remember being treated by Dr Parker of Cole-Orton, a very stern man and later Dr Muir. I spent much of my time in hospital at the Groby Rd hospital in Leicester. We spent many happy hours playing in the old ruins of Hough Mill and the workers cottages close by and we used the old bell pit in the nearby spinney as our den. The old tunnel from the then Cademan View which went under ground and surfaced opposite the New Inn at Peggs Green was also a... Read more

Belvoir Road County Primary School

Belvoir Road c1965, Coalville
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I started at the school in 1969; you can just see it at the end of the Co-op. Loads of memories, too many for here, but it doesn't seem to be a school any more. What happened? My last teacher was Mr Hardington. I have displayed my maiden name to aid recognition if anybody from the class of '75 is around! I remember getting done for carving something in the desk at the back quite deeply. Then we went to Newbridge High with those horrible fluffy pinafore dresses. I knew someone who had curtains in the same material!

Clock Tower Round About

The Roundabout c1955, Coalville
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My granny used to sit here for hours. Thats the post office and market so it must have been Friday.

Belvoir rd School c1943

Belvoir Road c1965, Coalville
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My earliest memory of this school was that I beat my mother home after she dropped me there. My first teacher was a Miss Bacon. I also recall all the glass windows were covered with some kind of cloth in case German bombs were dropped nearby. My last teacher was a Mr Foster, he played rugger for Coalville Town along with my father, George Fairbrother, happy days!

Saturday Night Dance

Welfare Centre c1965, Coalville
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Used to come here nearly every Saturday in the seventies with my mum and dad. They'd get slightly drunk and we'd walk home to Whitwick and get fish and chips from 'The Wise Plaice' and play I spy! Happy days! Then I grew up and left! I got bored stiff with the place as a young adult. It seems a lot more lively now.

Post Office Doorway - The Place to Meet!

The Roundabout c1955, Coalville
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Looking at the Post Office building reminded me that the entrance was a popular place to meet your date for the evening. A great place to see the various busses arriving with your partner for the evening (hopefully) on board. Many a romance must have floundered there, had such an experience myself but luckily so did a girl waiting for her date - we had a great evening!

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