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New Frith Photos - May 2017

Part of our digitisation projectthese are previously unseen photos, newly available in May on The Francis Frith Collection website. This month we bring you 2,935 photos of 438 places.

In Summary

Featured County: Lincolnshire

This month see 1,030 newly digitised photos of 60 Lincolnshire towns, cities and villages.

Featured County: Dorset

This month see 933 newly digitised photos of 73 Dorset towns, cities and villages.

Other Counties:

This month see 972 newly digitised photos of 305 UK towns, cities and villages.

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Frith's Digitisation Project

Our digitisation project has been a huge challenge, undertaken at enormous cost, without public funding. We have used state of the art technology to ensure we have captured the very finest details from every subject.

The original materials worked with have covered the gamut: hand-written ledgers and collodion glass plates, platinum, albumen & gelatin-silver prints, small format film and most things in between.

Even with the best technology and processes, handling so many delicate and varied materials has made this a slow, laborious and complex task.