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To Peter Gray

Hi Peter,

My twin brother David and I used to play with you when we stayed at my grandparents in Ynys Fach Ave. This must have been in the sixties? You lived at the top of the road and we'd have good times playing together. We lived in Birmingham at the time. My auntie still lives in Ynys Fawr Ave and we usually visit once a year. I hope all is well with you.

Beazer Family

Does anyone remember Elkanah and Mary Beazer and their son Horace? The family lived in Resolven. My husband is compiling his family tree, and Horace was his grandfather, he also had a brother called Preston and a sister called Violet, also we think there was another brother, but we are not sure of his name. His grandfather Horace worked in the mines for years and then married Maria Cory. Anyone who has any information, we would love to hear from you. Vivien Saunders

Family in Resolven

My father came from Resolven and my mother from neighbouring Glynneath. Although we lived in Birmingham when my brother and I were kids, we would often spend our summer holidays with my grandparents in Ynys Fach Avenue in Resolven. We loved going to the woods, and being taken on the bus to Neath for faggots and peas in the market. I remember the next door neighbours, the Hadley family, who were very friendly and kind people. Also I recall playing with other kids in the street, such as Peter Gay.

I can still picture being in Resolven during the summer of 1966, when England were playing West Germany in the football World Cup Final. The family, not being interested in football, decided that we would go to Porthcawl for the day in the Morris Minor (which didn't have a radio!). My brother and I were really unhappy at missing the game and I remember asking someone out of the car window on Porthcawl sea front if they knew the... Read more

West Glamorgan memories

Miner's Hall,Glyncorrwg

The Town 1938, Glyncorrwg
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My memories are from the 1950s to the 1970s. My grandparents lived opposite the Miner's Hall for many years. (28 Cymmer Road). My grandfather was a bricklayer in the pit and also the Treasurer for the Miner's Hall. I remember leaning on the railings in Cymmer Road with my uncle chatting to the farmer, who lived in the white cottage on the left hand side approaching the village.  I remember sitting on the mountain with my mum watching the farmer and his wife cutting the hay one summer, while my mum and I made baby rattles from the bullrushes. I remember the farmer's white horse who would deliver the milk. I spent every summer holiday in Glyncorrwg. I remember the rain, the sound and smell of the sheep, walking the mountains with my sister and Sidolli's ice-cream. I remember going to the pictures in the Miner's Hall and in the interval we would go down to Bevan's shop and get an ice cream. I remember they had entertainment in the... Read more

Palmer And Sims Families

The Town 1938, Glyncorrwg
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I've never been to Glyncorrwg but my mother, Ivy Lillian Lyonson nee Palmer was born at Nythfa, Cymmer Road (the house didn't appear to have a number only a name) in 1915. Before their marriage, her parents lived next door but one to each other at 4 and 8 Baxter Terrace. My grandmother was Catherine Sarah Palmer nee Sims and she lived with her parents at number 4 and my grandfather, Percival Charles Palmer lived at number 8. My grandfather and my two great-grandfathers, Thomas Charles Palmer and Thomas Sims, were all miners. I realise this is a long time ago and obviously there won't be anyone alive who knew them but if anyone has heard of the families I would be interested to hear from them.

Glyncorrwg 1944,

The Town 1938, Glyncorrwg
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Iwas in the Merchant Navy, just returned from "D-DAY" invasion "OMAHA BEACH", to Port Talbot for new cargo to return there and spent a few days with my Uncle Fred & Aunt Maisie, at 31 Cymmer Rd, next door to the cinema. Maisie was one of the LEWIS family, her brother's name was IDRIS, after leaving the Merchant Navy in 1945, I worked at Duffryn Rhonnda Colliery for a while before returning to Llanharran. My mother was Edna May Cogbill. I have good memories of Gylncorrwg and my cousins, Nanette, Freddy and Ray and my R&R leave from the sea with them all after the initial day of invasion. I am now 85 years old, R H Mace.

Visits to Melyn Street

Two of my father's cousins lived in Melyn Street, namely Ambrose & Dorothy (brother & sister). I visited them more than once with my family and it was always a lovely time. Ambrose would walk with us around the village and point out all the places of interest and mainly where all our relatives had lived in years gone by. Great Grandfather was a head master and so on, so many I could never remember them, thus it was always new when we went back next time. My youngest daughter was doing French & German at Uni and Ambrose tried to teach her welsh. Today I still have the book he gave her to help her learn welsh. Sadly they have passed away but we all treasure the memories we have when staying with Dorothy & Ambrose.
1940 to 41 I lived with my Aunty in Abergwynfi, so I saw more of them... Read more

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