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Memories Are Made of This

My father’s family moved to Rhyl in 1891 and my mother’s family in 1925. My parents fell in love on Rhyl Golf Links. Even though they settled in Portsmouth after their wedding, family bonds held fast and we spent every summer and chunks of other time in Rhyl in the family homes of my mother in Highfield Park and my father in Conwy Street. I was born in 1935 and even though I do not remember much of pre WW2 days, I do remember that we enjoyed respite visits from the Blitz on Portsmouth throughout the war. On these visits my sister and I attended school at St. Mary’s Convent on Russell Road: long gone, replaced by a housing estate. The old family homes still stand, however, even the first one on East Parade. How lucky I am to have spent so much of my childhood in Rhyl, growing up beside a gloriously smooth and firm sandy beach. Actually swimming in these shallows was a bit of a laugh: even... Read more

Happy Days!

Derbyshire Miners Welfare Holiday Centre c1960, Rhyl
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Our family used to go to the Derbyshire miners camp every year in the late 50s and 60s. I had a disabled sister and they always put us in a ground floor family chalet. We also got front row seats in the theatre for the shows. We walked over the 'H' bridge into Rhyl where we would walk along the prom and go shopping for souvenirs. We always had a good holiday, even if it rained! Happy days!

Memories of an Eight Year Old

Botanical Gardens c1965, Rhyl
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This pond was known to local kids as The Newt Pond, as that's where we used to go 'newting', catching newts and putting them in jam jars and putting them back after seeing who had the biggest (newt!)...

We used to hire tricycles from the Bike Track, next to Rhyl FC and opposite the Grammar School (now Rhyl High School). I'd love to see any old images of the Bike Track as that was a really special place to me, full of happy memories..

Living 100 yards away from the Coronation Gardens (or Corruz as we called it), my entire childhood was virtually spent there, with the fantastic "Swings", where there were, among other play things, a rocking horse, a climbing frame, sand pit and the legendary Witches Hat (if you could climb to the top you got a good view of Rhyl FC on a Saturday afternoon ... happy days!).
Beyond that was the forbidden "Cut" where gangs used to congregate to try and swing across the... Read more

Days Out

The Promenade c1955, Rhyl
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We would visit Rhyl quite frequently when my daughters were growing up. We enjoyed walking along the Promenade and occasionally going into the Amusement Arcades.

At The Skating Rink

The Promenade c1955, Rhyl
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I have a copy of this postcard and believe my sister and I are skating in the bottom left corner of the picture (unfortunately under the Frith logo on the image).  The gentleman in the grey jacket leaning on the railings watching I believe to be my late father.  Happy days!  We were born in Rhyl and lived there until I was 10 years old.  I still visit often but sadly the town is much changed - most of the beautiful prom is long gone - including the rink.  However Rhyl still feels like home to me.  

Happy Holidays

How lovely to take a trip down memory lane and see old postcards of Rhyll. My mum, dad, l and my younger sister enjoyed many happy holidays in Rhyll during the 1960's. There was always so much to do; we loved the paddling pool and hiring the bikes. l can remember how eagerly we waited to choose our bike, not all of them were in good working order, we often came away with oil over us off the chain. We used to stay in a B & B, the landlady was a lovely lady she always made us welcome. We loved the Punch and Judy show on the promenade by the clock. Another favourite was the big fish and chips restaurant on the seafront, the fish and chips were delicious. The fun fair was great and l used to love to win a prize on 'hook the duck' often it was a chalk ornament which l took back to put on the mantlepiece at the guest house. l have some... Read more

Fun in Sun Valley

I have very fond memories of spending lots of weekends with my nan and grandad in their caravan which was on Sun Valley, Marsh Road, Rhuddlan. I used to be friends with the owner's daughter Linda, as we grew up we used to listen to the music in the club room and dance on the outside balcony, if I remember right they lived in a little bungalow on site before moving to a larger property in Rhyl near to where B&Q is now.

Donkey Lady

Went to Rhyl in the war. Spent many happy days on the beach with the donkey lady. Went to school there and stayed in large house in 19 Butterton Road.

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