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Happy Memories

Riddings House c1960, Riddings
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We used to live in the grounds of Riddings House in the cottage to the left of the main house. The two cottages used as accommodation for the head and assistant gardeners. I used to go with my dad up into the clock tower to wind up the clock at the weekend. There were buildings down the gardens; in one of them local people could visit and buy some of the produce that was grown. The lawns and gardens being kept immaculate when the Oakes family were in residence. Christmas time was a time to help again when lots of holly wreaths were made. The wrought iron gates at the entrance are no longer there but the posts still remain. The gardens went into decline when Oakes sold the estate to Guinness Trust, and the house was altered and extended and turned into a care home.

Build A Boat

Greenhill Lane c1960, Riddings
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My Nanna and Grandpa. Mr and Mrs Beauchamp lived at a House called 'Craig Side' on Greenhill Lane, which is just down from the trees to the left of this photo. I remember the house was slightly different than it is today. It had a drive and to the left of it a lawn full of apple trees. The back garden was patio along the whole house then a long lawn. At the bottom of the lawn Grandpas had erected an old canvas army tent about 40 foot by 30 foot and in it he had started to build a boat from scratch. It was wooden and I thought it was the size of the Ark. I remember watching him sometimes while I sat on the frame of the boat and he was planing part of it with and old fashioned wooden type plane. I also remember the rassberry cains at the back of the tent full of ripe fruit, mmm!


Bullock Lane c1960, Riddings
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When I was growing up a family called Judge lived in the house at the top right of this photo and I used to play with the son and daughter. They had a small field, which is still there at the front of the house, with their two donkeys in it. They also had a climbing frame with swings abd a see-saw. I remember thinking they were quite posh. The field to the left, belonged to the Oakes family and we had hours of fun making dens and playing hide an seek in the long grass till the farmer we called 'Fat Cap' (he was fat and wore a flat cap!) turned up on his tractor and we legged it.

The Phone Box

Market Place c1960, Riddings
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This was the meeting place where local kids gathered most evenings. I dont think it's changed much. I remember Guiness Trust doing all the houses up.

I Know This Cottage VERY Well.

Thatched Cottage, Spring Road c1960, Riddings
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I know this street - Spring Road - very well, and particularly this thatched cottage! This is because the Thatched Cottage was at the end of what was our property from 1990 - 2003 - Coke Hearth House. If you look at the brick wall, the right hand side leads down to Hollyhearse Terrace, and also a public footpath which my sister and I affectionately named 'Snail Lane' which, when we grew up, was a cobblestone footpath leading to the Pye Bridge Industrial Estate. We called it 'Snail Lane' simply because there was a huge amount of snails there that we often used to take and try and race! Coke Hearth is now down the land to left on the wall, going straight past the cottage down into the woodland. This is where I grew up, and I couldn't have asked for a better place to spend my childhood. I remember once digging in the woodland and finding a Victorian Sixpence, something I still have until this very day! Lots of wonderful... Read more

All in One Pet Shop

Does anyone have any memories of the All in One Petshop which was once in Alfreton? I am currently trying to trace the family who lived there in 1959.

Evans Concrete Products Ltd, Greenhill Lane, Riddings

I worked at Evans Concrete products employed  as factory maintainance fitter; my job was to keep the factory machinery in good condition and attend to other projects in the making. The people I worked with were Jack Travis, fitting shop manager, Bill and Ron Hardwick and Ernest Finny, the best engineeers you could find, who taught me well - those were the days!

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