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Lancashire memories

Alan & Hilda

The Post Office c1955, Stanhill
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Alan and Hilda Slater were my Uncle and Aunty and lived at the post office for many years and were quite possibly the funniest people I ever knew. Stanhill Post Office is reputedly haunted and Uncle Alan took every opportunity to use the story of the white lady to frighten unsuspecting guests. At one party there he pre-prepared a mock up of ladies' clothes, with wig stand complete with wig wired together, and hung on a coat hanger, when the party was in full swing he quietly placed the spoof spook in the toilet at the top of the stairs, the first person to go up after the placement was a particularly highly strung lady and her reaction was such that I am not sure if she ever recovered. I myself have slept there and have woken to find the light on and the lazy betty switch swinging over my head. The original house where James Hargreaves invented the Spinning Jenny is confined to the kitchen and cellar, the cellar... Read more


The Post Office c1955, Stanhill
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I was evacuted from the Manchester area, together with younger brother Robert in 1939, just before the outbreak of World War II. We arrived in Accrinton, and were taken to a school where we waited to be billited. After we had something to eat, we were taken to Stanhill Post Office where we spent the next three years of the war. I was then 14 and had to return to Manchester, my younger brother stayed till 1945. The Postmaster was Mr Taylor, and he and his wife, Mrs Taylor had a son (Arthur) who was blind. My stay with Mr and Mrs Taylor was the happiest time of my young life, they were the kindest people you could wish to know. I treasure those memories. God bless them, were ever they are.

Sunny 1950''s Sunday Mornings

St Mary's Roman Catholic Church Interior 1899, Clayton Le Moors
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I have many memories about the old St Mary's Church. Until I started thinking of them I realised that I have not got one involving a rainy day apart from when my Grandad was buried in the churchyard. He was laid to rest with his younger brother who died in the First World War and my late Grandmother. I still visit the grave from time to time.

Both I and my brother were baptised at the old St Mary's. I still have the photographs. They look like a snapshot from another world now.

I remember walking down a sunny Burnley Road from Enfield with Daddy dressed in his best camel coloured and belted gaberdine coat, as we made our way to the later morning Mass. I can still smell those warm and dry dusty summer days. My hat always seemed to be blowing off and he had to chase after it. "Carry it until we get to church" he'd say. Mum stayed at home with my baby brother... Read more

Coopers And Booths

My Great, Great Great Grandfather, William Booth, used to push a cart up and down the streets of Clayton le Moors with his son John Booth, selling shellfish. He was known as 'Muscle Bill' and his son, 'Oyster Jack'. (This is actually a memory passed down from my ancestors to my 3rd cousin.)
They lived at 'Old Sparth House' from around 1895 onwards. William died in 1900 age 79. Most of the family married and brought their children up in Clayton le Moors. A few emigrated abroad. Robert Booth to Australia, Ellen Booth married Charles Battersby and moved to Canada. John Booth's daughter Luciana Booth married William Cooper from Great Harwood at All Saints, and my Grandfather, Robert Cooper was born in Lower Barnes St, Clayton le Moors.
  Luciana used to stand outside the 'Forts Arms', as a young girl, with a tambourine, handing out hymns.

Clayton le Moors

Hi, does anyone have any information on a grocer's shop or a draper's shop which was situated at numbers 2, 4 and 6 Sparth Road? I've recently discovered that my great-great-great-grandparents owned these properties, any info would be appreciated, thanks. Jackie

Sacred Heart Church

Sacred Heart Catholic Church 1899, Accrington
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This is Sacred Heart RC Church, in Accrington.  It has now been demolished.  I have many great memories and some not so great from this sacred place.  I felt like I had to share this info, with you when I saw this picture.  When the church was being knocked down there was a last service mass held and it was a ticket only event.  I couldn't go on that evening and therefore missed it.
The church holds many memories for all of my family.  My mum and dad were married at the church as were her seven sisters.  Every week in Sunday best marching with my Nanna picking up all of my cousins along the way, to 11 o'clock mass.  My mum and dad were married here and so was every one of my mum's seven sisters.  Myself and my cousins were all christened at this church, and we all made our 1st communions and confessions here.  My grandparents' funeral services were conducted from this church.  Anyway I was working... Read more

Mrs Kilshaw

I remember the creaky stairs and stodgy atmosphere of Central Preparatory so well, even though it's now 44 years since I last heard the sterling tones of Mrs Kilshaw resounding through the classroom.
Miss Backhouse was my personal favourite: a gentle, caring teacher who had the patience others seemed to lack.
I still live locally (Ossy) and occasionally wander round the area where the noble old building that began my experiences of the world of British education once stood. So much has changed of the Accrington I knew then and having moved back after 35 years away - in Scotland and Cheshire - it's nice to know that others have soothing and happy memories of Central Prep.

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