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1947 Onward

Town Centre 1966, Rochdale
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I also remember there was a slaughter house on (think it was) Blackwater Street, or it could have been Toad Lane. There was a pub across from it called Dusty Miller that was next door to Marsh's cafe. I too remember the shop on Blackwater Street where you could get studs of every shape to put onto your leather belt, I also think the old lady made cloggs. There was also a shop that started out on Oldham were you could get made to measure jeans of any colour- my favourite were saphire blue with either red or black turnups. The best thing about the shop was you could put down a small deposit and pay for them when the were made. I remember Bradleys music shop in the centre, my dad took me there on my 12th birthday coz I want a guitar but could only afford to buy me a ukelele - I suppose it was the thougth that counts. Didn't have much money then but never short... Read more

Drake Street.

Town Centre 1966, Rochdale
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Although we lived in Spotland, our family Doctor was a Doctor Gordon a brusque Scot whom I was Little afraid of. His surgery was at the top left side of Drake street. Just after the war. They did house calls in those days. The surgery was filled with round backed cane chairs, and we would move along from seat to seat until it was our turn.

Daredevil Balancing

Healey Dell Viaduct 1898, Rochdale
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I used to live at Daniel Fold Spot land Rochdale, from 1949 ton1955.  In 1954 my brother Eric was 8 and I was 9. We would play in a nearby valley we called Healey Dell, and we would walk miles along the banks of a stream. There was a Railway line that passed over the Healey Viaduct. I used to climb onto the stone wall by the track and run along it, totally fearless. Whilst my brother ran up and down screaming for me to get down in fear for my safety. There was a very long drop to the river below which had a whirlpool. I think my brother was more afraid of me falling into the whirlpool.  Wonderful memories of childhood exploration and wandering free, probably trespassing also. Sadly he passed away last May. He would often talk about those days.

The Lodge Falinge 1901

Falinge Park 1906, Rochdale
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My husband Brian Biggins' maternal grandfather Thomas Wolfenden was 42 and lived in the Lodge Falinge Park. He was a dyer in a cotton mill and had formerly been a farmer's helper. Has anyone got any ideas about how we can find information about why he would be living there?

Nor Den Riviera

Town Centre 1966, Rochdale
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I used to live on Bury Road and was a keen swimmer. Well I remember if the swimming baths were busy, I used to hop on the Norden bus and go to the outdoor pool at Norden known as the riviera, boy was that water cod, but what great fun was had.

Pollards Shop

The Walk c1910, Rochdale
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My father and mother bought the fireplace shop in Milnrow Road ( it was called Pollards - and they kept its name), they moved in with my older brother in about 1954. I was born in 1955 and we lived there until we moved to Milnrow in 1965. I also have happy memories of going into Harold the cloggers shop and being amazed at how quickly and expertly he made clogs.

Stewards of Rochdale

Town Centre 1966, Rochdale
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I worked for Leo at Stewards from 1979 - 1983. Great memories, great days. I remember him hi-jacking folk he recognised as they walked past the shop. Remember Peggy too. He used to say Drake Street was dying then, but it looked vibrant to me then compared to the disaster it is today. Iveson's across the road was a beautiful store. The only thing that remains from memory is the San Remo, virtually unchanged apart from it's rear extension. Leo used to send me to Harworth's for his ties, another classy store. Sadly, Rochdale has declined.

Ahh, Memories!

Town Centre 1966, Rochdale
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My family (well, me mum, older brother and I), moved to Rochdale in '53 and lived on Norrey's St, (off George St, which ran parallel with Ramsey St), and I have many memories of the time - particularly of taking all the local dogs on long walks down Healey Dell every Sunday - and without lead's, btw!. As I matured, I remember we all used to descend on the Rainbow Coffee Bar on Drake St(we knew it as 'Molly's', but it wasn't until years later that we realised that it was the surname of the Italian couple who owned it, (Molli), and we actually called the lady 'Molly'), then we'd wander off down Drake St to the 'San Remo' (it's still there, btw). On Saturday afternoons (being a bit 'flush' with our wages), we'd then drift into 'Steward's' Gent's outfitter's, where the owner, Leo, would say...'I just got in the perfect thing for you'...(usually a shirt to wear that night to The Carlton on Gt. George St...(anyone remember the place? long gone,... Read more

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