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The Old Village c1950, Ruislip

The Old Village c1950, Ruislip

The Old Village c1950, Ruislip Ref: R335013

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Memories of The Old Village c1950, Ruislip

Queen Mary

The Old Village c1950, Ruislip
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My mother, Heather Carter, her sister Roma and my sister Janet Davies were all married in St Martin's, which was very high church, the smell of incense is still strong in my mind.

I remember, though I don't know quite when this was, old Queen Mary visiting the church. I and my sister and other kids lined up behind the chain barrier at the entrance; Queen Mary was very short with a pale grey long coat and toque hat with a veil. We all cheered, though I don't know why.

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Kodak Limited Advertising & Promotions Dept

Victoria Road c1965, Ruislip
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In 1969/1970 I was a copywriter and art director in the Kodak A&P Dept, working on the international Kodak Calendar and the quarterly magazine, 'Kodak View' (later, just 'View') . The building is seen in the photograph. The department moved there from the Harrow/Wealdstone buildings in the '60s. Coincidentally, living close to us in our Pinner house were two other (unrelated) people who worked, not only in the same building but in the same department. We quickly decided, at my invitation, to make up a threesome in my car each morning and evening, and it was during one of the morning journeys from Pinner to Ruislip that one of them pointed at a big notice at a petrol station announcing a price increase. We roared with laughter when he said, quite solemnly, that he reckoned before long we'd be paying £1 per gallon!

The High Street

The High Street, Old Village c1950, Ruislip
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Lived in Ruislip most of my life. I also knew the Stockdales; last saw him at the Lido in the 70's. The picture of the village also shows Haileys toy shop as well as The Village sweet shop. Next to Barbara's Pantry was a shop called the Priory. My father used to be a coppersmith and after the war sold many of his copper wares to the shop. Just past the Police Station was a shoe repairers called Lear & Gristwood. Opposite was Bunces, Fitchetts the barbers, further down was Lyttons, Inwoods the car dealer, Home & Colonial, the first supermarket Payandtake. Happy days

Hayley's Toyshop

Bury Street c1955, Ruislip
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The shop on the right belonged to Mr and Mrs Hayley and was a toyshop. You stepped into the shop, which was very dark. Here were Dinkey cars and packets of fivestones and jacks. To the right you stepped down into a separate room which had tricycles and dolls prams. The Hayleys were very old, to my memory; Mr Haley with a white moustache, and a waistcoat, his wife wore a large flowered apron.  Both had country accents. Next to their shop was a sweet shop, where the shopkeeper lady's sitting room could just be seen behind the door.

High Street Ruislip

The High Street, Old Village c1950, Ruislip
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On the left is the Swan pub, on the right Barbara's Pantry. My grandmother Hilda Carter used to come up to Ruislip, to Bishop Winnington's on Saturdays from East Dean (near Eastbourne) to teach elocution to my sister and me and other local girls. After the class she would go to Barbara's Pantry for tea and cakes before going back home.  

Nearer than the Pantry was a row of very old cottages; a boy in my class at Bishop Winningon's, Michael (?) Stockdale, used to live in one, and one day when my sister Janet and I were caught in a hail storm, waiting  in the front of the pet shop, and his mother found us and took us in and dried us with towels in her kitchen.

Next to that was the Police Station behind which was a tower with the siren still in place, which they used to set off now and then, just in case...  My younger brother Patch, having gone down the road... Read more

Pub Sign at The George

The George Hotel, Bury Street c1965, Ruislip
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The George Hotel was newly decorated and it re-opened with a special day around 1985. The horse drawn Whitbread Brewery dray arrived and the newly painted pub sign was unveiled by the mayor.

Everything looked great and a good day out was ensured by a dazzling display from the dancers and musicians of Whitethorn Morris - a team of clog wearing morris dancers from nearby Harrow. They looked fine in their scarlet and blue kit, waving their sticks, tapping the rhythm of the jig and polka tunes with their black shiny clogs and waving their bells and hankies.

This pub became a popular venue for morris dancing and passers by would stop and quickly form a large crowd to stand and watch. It was great fun and I enjoyed playing my piano accordian and leading their Whitethorn Band.

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