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East End

I was born in Sunderland in 1948 and Christened in Holy Trinity Church, Church Walk, where all of my mother's side of the family had been hatched, matched, and dispatched. I was raised in Wear Garth till the age of twelve years old when my parents left Sunderland for work in the midlands. Although times were hard in Sunderland at the time for many, we as a family of eleven didn't have much. I have some fond memories of my early life there. I can always remember playing on the quay side with friends oblivious to the danger of no barriers to prevent children from falling into the water, there had been a few children had lost their lives through drowning and I was forever been told not to go down there and keep off the quay side by my mother. I suppose I was naughty and offen disobeyed my mother and still went down there with friends. I recall it was about 1956/1957 when a battleship docked on... Read more

Burdon Hay Loft

Burden c1960, Ryhope
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My friend, Shiela Thompson, lived in a cottage at Burdon. Her father used to work on Burdon farm, he must have been a labourer as I remember him always working. My brother and myself used to cycle up to the farm on a weekend and spend many a happy hour throwing ourselves out of the hayloft hatch at the top and onto the loose hay underneath. Most of the time we were covered in bruises as it wasn't as soft as we would have wished. It didn't seem to matter though, as this pastime was repeated on many an occasion. We returned home in the evening covered in straw and muck and usually to a telling off but we would be there again the following weekend. Happy memories!

Thomas And Margaret Riley

I am looking for information about my grandparents Thomas and Margaret Riley. They lived on Henry Street in Seaham in the early 1900s but later lived in Ryhope on 31 Burden, where my grandfather and many of his seven sons were miners. My mother, Anne, recently died. I do hope someone can help me with information. There were 7 sons and 3 daughters.

Tyne and Wear memories

My Teenage Years

I remember living across the field at Farringdon comp. as was. I used to climb the fence and run across the school field. I used to have 2 very good friends, Ann Boswell and Sharon Butler, we were never bored and I remember hanging around Gilley Law. I moved away with me dad in 1977.

The War Years

I was born in Hawthorn Street, Millfield in 1930. Went to Diamond Hall School. I remember the day war was declared, my mother said the Germans would bomb us because of all the industry around us. My father was in the Territorial Army so he was called up the next day and was put in the Sunderlands 125th Anti - Tank Regiment. We never saw him again until after the war. The schools were closed down until air raid shelters were built. We moved to 14 Hedley Street in 1940. There were nightly air raids and we took shelter under the stairs. In May 1943 there was a real heavy raid which demolished the town centre with many deaths. One week later was the heaviest raid of the war; a 500 kilo bomb fell about 60 feet from our door. It blew out all the windows and doors and the roof we were covered in plaster dust and soot, but only had minor cuts, others were not so lucky; it... Read more

Home to my McCue And Routledge Ancestors

Shipyards on The Wear c1900, Sunderland
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This would have been an everyday sight for my ancestors who worked in the paper mill at Hendon and for the NE Railway.

Going to School

The Bridges 1900, Sunderland
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My family and I lived in Seaburn, a suburb of Sunderland north of the River Wear, and from 1942 to 1944 I attended the nursery department of the Sunderland High School, south of the Wear. Every  morning and evening my father, who taught in Sunderland Technical College, would take and fetch me travelling in a tram like the one on this photo.

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