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Sandford Orcas

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We have no photos of Sandford Orcas, although we do have photos of these nearby places:

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Memories of Sandford Orcas

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Dorset memories

The Pellys of Nether Compton

In August 2006 my daughter and I visited Nether Compton in a Trace Your Ancestors search. My father, the son of an Eliza Pelly here in Lancashire, always told the tale of two brothers, Charles and Henry Pelly, who walked the length of England looking for work. They found it as Agricultural Labourers in Bury where they received 13/6 a week as opposed to 11/6 in Nether Compton. Charlie was born in 1841 and he married Eliza Garrett who was a widow named Eades at the time, 11 years older than him. The couple had 2 daughters, both of whom died very young of convulsions and whooping cough. Eliza mnust have died (I reckon) because Charlie then came north and married Betsy Greenhalgh who was the other extreme, being 15 years his junior. Family lore said they could barely understand one another because of their strong dialects. However they begot 8 children, only 4 of whom survived. So from a total of 10 only 4 grew to adulthood. As a northerner... Read more

Family Connections.

Half Moon Street c1955, Sherborne
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The couple on the right pavement are my grandparents George Gray and his wife Elizabeth (nee Phippen) of Thornford.
The photo would have been taken on a Thursday because after his retirement they
always travelled to Sherborne on the once a week bus and would have been
walking back to Digby Road just before midday for the bus home. Date about right
as born 1887. He retired 1954/5.

Family Connections

Long Street 1924, Sherborne
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The gentleman and lady standing on the corner outside the shop with the blind out are my uncle and aunt HAROLD and LILY PLYMPTON. Harold along with my aunt NORAH and my mother IRENE PLYMPTON, lived in Wootton Grove with their parents CHARLES and ANNETTE PLYMPTON. I visited my grandparents on numerous occasions from where we lived in Exeter.

Mary Dodge

Long Street 1924, Sherborne
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Mary Dodge married Thomas Hayward 1808 in Sherborne.  Trying to find residential address at that time.  Might be Long Street.
Thomas Hayward, son of Robert, said to have farmed in nearby Loders and had business in Sherborne as well.  Any info/photos welcome for family tree.

Living in North Street in 2008 After The Fire in 2005

North Street c1955, Bradford Abbas
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This photograph is wonderful for me to see having just moved back into Bumblebee Cottage on the far right of the picture after the catastrophic fire on 22 December 2005 that destroyed 4 cottages - Bumblebee Cottage, Hollyhocks, The Old Chapel and Virginia Cottage.  My cottage looks the same from the back, the front will feel and look the same once I have replanted the front garden.  Inside it is beautiful.  All brand new but old at the same time.  And the best news is that thanks to the intervention of English Heritage we still have four listed properties rather than four modern constructions made to look old with a bit of stone cladding but essentially constructed of breeze blocks and plastboard rather than random rubble - and all because the Loss Adjustors tried to save money for the insurers.  But they were rumbled!  Once again North Street looks nearly as it should.  We still await the owners of The Old Chapel (where the fire started) and Hollyhocks to return.... Read more

Living in North Street Bradford Abbas 1960s

North Street c1955, Bradford Abbas
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As a child I lived in North Street, Bradford Abbas. The name of the house then was Hilou. We were led to believe it was because our only toilet then was at the top of the very long garden. It later turned out that the cottage once belonged to two sisters called Hilary and Louisa. Since then the name has changed.
We lived on the right hand side going down the street. My dad thatched the house once and also a well in the back garden. I can remember enormous spiders coming out of the thatch and in the bedroom windows. Just before our house was one sideways to the road, called Heartsease Cottage as far as I can remember. This was the home of Evelyn Dainty who was a midwife. We kept goats and as children were often seen walking them around the village. I remember returning from school to find Miss Dainty being midwife to one of the goats who had gone into labour early. I can... Read more


in 1904 my granny then aged 10 lived at 49 Main Street, Longburton near Sherbourne. Her parents were a Harry Fry and Harriet Ann Fry, he was a farm worker. I live in Dorset but I can find no trace of no 49 Main Street, can anybody help me?

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