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The Church c1955, Scunthorpe
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This picture is of St Peter-ad-Vincula (St Peter in chains) at Bottesford, Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire. One of only a few in the country with this dedication another being in The Tower of London. 13th century Early English style and at the time of this picture would have been recently restored having had the roof raised to its original pitch.

Postcard of This View Sent in 1904

Frodingham Road 1902, Scunthorpe
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l have a postcard of this view which is dated Oct 11th 1904. ln which the sender write's about just moving into a house that is facing one of the houses on the left which had just been recently built and so does not appear on this photo. On the right of the photo you can see the tower that was part of the post office building which was opened in December 1902. So maybe the photo was taken in 1903 rather then 1902.

This Brings Back Such Lovely Memories

High Street c1955, Scunthorpe
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I was really shocked but pleased to find this photo - it is of my mum and nana in 1955 on Scunthorpe's High Street - we lived in Allanby Street. I was 10 years old when this picture was taken - it has brought back fond warm memories thank you - Linda.


High Street 1904, Scunthorpe
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This picture shows Hollidays livery. I am George Holliday's great grand daughter. My aunt used to talk about where the shop was and while I don't remember it, I do remember her talking about it. It was fascinating to find this picture, which ties in exactly with what she said!

Great Grandad's House

High Street 1904, Scunthorpe
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My great grandad lived and worked on the right of this photo. I'm not 100\% sure which house but the location fits with census returns and what I've been told. The sign may say his name, I can't make it out clearly enough to be certain.

Looking For

Hello I am looking for Doris and Raymon Lee if any one should know them please would you tell them I am looking for them Doris Is my cousin lost contact with her my email is my name is Beryl Clark née Jamieson Doris's maiden name was Mather. Thank you

South Humberside memories

Ashby Broadway

Shopping Centre c1955, Ashby
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I lived in Ashby as a child, and when I started attending Ashby Girls' School on Ashby Turn, I had to walk from the bottom of Ashby to the top every day, rain or shine. When I was 11 in 1948, Broadway was nothing more than an overgrown field, I realise now there must have been houses there that had been pulled down ready to build Broadway, but as a child all I saw was a field fronted by a picket fence. When they built Broadway it was so exciting to go in the Co-op, and climb the central stairs up to the clothing and underwear counters, the stairs were wide and had benches half way up on a wide landing, people including my mother and myself would sit and look over onto the makeup and perfume counter below.

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