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Memories of Warwickshire

The White Horse Inn

From 1980/84 I was part owner of the pub, we had a brilliant football team at the time and were an important social centre for the village. The pub no longer exists as it closed soon after I sold my share, however I do still have contact with some of my old regulars. Today I manage a small guest house in Cornwall but still get visitors from Baddesely.

The White Horse

My Gt Gt Aunt Esther Parry and her husband Joseph kept it c1891 and my gt Aunt Annie who lived with them from a young age had it in 1901. She married Thomas Terry.

Fishing Under The Arches

River And Bridge 1958, Polesworth
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I was born Marilynne Thompson at 17, The Lynch, Polesworth in January 1952. My mam and dad, Peg and Geoff Thompson both worked at Ensor's brickyard. When I was about two or three years old we moved to a cottage belonging to the firm in Tamworth Road. I believe the rent was 5 shillings a week. My dad was a keen fisherman and I followed in his foosteps with a fishing net. The nets didn't last forever and I would buy new ones at 6d each from either Cross's in the square or Dix's in Bridge street. I would gather money together by taking pop and beer bottles back to the Bull's head. These would be collected from aunties and uncles in Polesworth, especially at the time when the fair came to the rec. in Station road in the summer, for the carnival and "the statutes" I would get my wellies on, take my net and tin seaside bucket and walk down to the arches nearest the square where the water... Read more

Running Errands in Market Street

Market Street c1960, Polesworth
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One of the shops I remember well was Fosters. It was like a mini department store. We had some of our clothes from there. You could buy things and pay so much a week. It was how we lived then. It was quite normal for us. We had stuff either from shops like that or catalogues, "club books" we used to call them. My auntie Lottie in Station Road ran one and our next door neighbour, June. You could buy shoes, hats, dresses, fabric, ribbons, bed sheets, all sorts of stuff. My mam once said "go to Fosters and tell them to send you two frocks" - I got two frocks, one was white. Of course I couldn't have the white one, it would show the muck too much, so I had to have the yellow one. To this day I still love white clothes, probably because I was never allowed anything white except for white buckskin shoes. I can still smell the whitener we used on them. It would... Read more

Evacuee Nee Joan Waddington

River And Bridge 1958, Polesworth
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I am now an 82 years old great grandmother and I have lived in Australia for many years. My family lived in Coventry, and when I was 12 my sister and brother and I were evacuated to Polesworth. At first the billeting officer, a Mrs Straughan who was running the local Womens Volunteer service, couldn't find anyone who could take all 3 of us, so she took us to her lovely home Pooley Hall. We had maids looking after us, 2 sisters called Ada and Edie. We were only there for two days then Mrs Straughan found a family who could take my 5 year old brother and me. My 10 year old sister went to a lovely family, the Wheatmans who owned tearooms in Market Place. One night there was an air raid on Coventry and the bombers jettisoned some incendiaries on Polesworth. One of these hit the house where we lived and we were all rescued by the ARP and firemen. We all spent the night under one of... Read more

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