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Shelton Lock

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Memories of Shelton Lock

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Memory of an Early Bus Ride

I remember the prison camp at the bottom of Weston Park Avenue. They had a Bedford Utility bus to transport the inmates and my parents got friendly with the camp officials and went out on the bus one night to the Pack Horse at Kings Newton. My sister and I were left on the bus whilst the adults spent the evening drinking in the pub. I was 2 years older than my sister who had just started to walk so I estimate I must Have been 3. We could not have the lights on, it being 1944 and only had the light of the moon to see by. I had to keep my sister from falling down the steps by the door. I have lost count of how many time I spent waiting outside pubs for hours on end. I probably saw more of my parents through a pub window than anywhere else.

Derbyshire memories

Memories of Shakespeare Street in Sinfin 1958 -1964

We moved from Derby to the new estate in 1958. My son Paul went to the local school for a short time before we moved south to Hertfordshire - my home county. Amongst his many friends I remember particulary Celine Reilly, and often wonder how she is faring - she was a delightful child. I expect times have changed there now, but at that time we had a really good butchers shop, a greengrocer, a general store, and a fish shop, amongst others. It was a friendly place - considering many of us 'incomers' at that time were not from the local area.

Draycott Police House

I was born in the Police House, my parents had moved into it from new. My older brother David, and my Dad (Constable Hind) made a garden swing for me out of railway sleepers. I can remember going to Sunday school and having to kneel on our little chairs to pray. I think the policeman next door was called Dethick. I think the station was there too, as my Mother hated having burglars in the house and having to offer them tea! There was a kind lady down the road whose name was Tribenzee, or Mrs Trib. Her son was called Karl, or Cawl as I used to say. Dad had lots of fascinating police stories to tell. He loved his job. We moved when I was about four,1963/4 Does anyone remember?

Shaftesbury Crescent

My grandparents lived at 41 Shaftesbury Crescent near the baseball ground from 1946 till 1980, next door lived Ethel Paling, she was a wonderful cook, the smell of her baking I can still remember today. Next to Ethel was Mr and Mrs Morris, the were elderly, Mr Morris was a brilliant carpenter who made all his own furniture, next was Mr and Mrs Longdon, I don't really remember too much about Mr Longdon as he died when I was young, but Mrs Longdon bought up her grandchildren Paula, Tammy and Darren. On match days you would hear the cheering of the crowds at the match, each Saturday morning most people would put shutters or boarding on their windows and doors to prevent the supporting teams smashing the windows. Over the road was a shop run by Mr Spiller, a lovely little shop with sweets in proper sweets jars in the windows. Can anyone else remember the community of Shaftesbury Crescent? I have some wonderful memories of there, my dad grew... Read more

Pear Tree

I remember Shaftsbury Crescent very well, we lived in Princes Street, but had many friends in the area. I remember Valerie Longdon, also the Cholertons who lived near the Baseball Hotel at the bottom of Shaftsbury Crescent. My friend June Davies, lived in Rutland Street at no 60. My Dad's family lived in Princes Street for many years, and he would often go to the matches at the Baseball Ground. We also had an aunt who lived opposite the Baseball Ground, her name was Mary Royal and she had a daughter Margaret.

Bookshop at 22 Irongate Circa 1896

Shops in Iron Gate 1896, Derby
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I've discovered, my great uncle, James Henry Inger, ran a bookselling shop at 22 Irongate around 1896, also a stall in the market hall selling books, magazines and prints.

Old Boot's Chemist, St. Peter's Street, Derby

St Peters Street c1955, Derby
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We no longer live in Derby but would like to know the names of the statues standing around the top floor of the old Boot's chemist. I remember as a girl using the library on the first floor of Boot's, I used to go up stairs on an old wooden escalator and pay my small fee to borrow books, happy days.

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