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Sheriff Hill

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Bensham in The 40s

I was born in 1934 in Southill Rd, Bensham and went to Lady Vernon School, my name in them days was Sheila Lucas. I had a wonderful life in those days. My life revolved round Bensham, the baths in Mulgrave Terrace were freezing cold, the library on Redhaugh Rd and the Saturday cinema at the Bensham. My grandparents lived next door and as I was a only child, I was very spoilt. My grandfather, Arthur Tooth, was secretary of Gateshead Labour Party and I remember at one time they had an empty shop on First Street and when the local councillor stood for Parliment, my grandfather had me out with a banner. There were three fish shops on First street, all excellent and I was friends with Therza Thomas whose parents had the fish shop on Sidney Grove. I too, went to part time school in a house in Spencer Terrace - one day mornings, next day afternoons. We often went to Saltwell Park with a bag of broken biscuits... Read more

Hewson Street

I grew up in Hewson street, my parents were Peggy and Ernie Gills and we lived in our grandparents house (Meggie and Bill (Scotty) Jackson). I loved a Sunday when all the family would call to see us - the tiny flat would burst at the seams. We were sent to the shop on the corner of the street called Robbies, for broken bicuits and loose butter. We would play in the lane for hours, or go to the park,and then home for a wash in the tin bath. Mondays was wash day and mam and gran would be washing clothes in a poss tub. It had a mangle to squeeze the water out of the clothes. The best fun was when the coal was delivered. They used to dump a ton of coal outside the back door and we used to help shovel it in the coal house, it was hard work, but great fun. The neighbours would borrow a pail of... Read more

Ellison Street/high st Gateshead on Tyne

My memory is of my granny, Mary Jane Smith, formerly Renforth who lived at 7 Ellison St and died there in 1946. I was born in 1940 and according to my birth certificate my place of birth was Palmerstons Buildings, High St Gateshead. I believe it was above a pub on the corner of Jackson St and High St but have not been able to find these buildings on any maps of Gateshead. I remember granny taking me to the pet shop on Ellison St to chose a puppy for my birthday which was a few weeks away. Sadly, she died before my birthday so I never got my puppy.

Collins Family

Does anyone remember the 'Collins' family who lived in Sheriff Hill until the early 70`s? James and Annie Collins (nee Fisher) had 3 children; Dorothy, Robert, and James (my dad). Annie was a regular at the White Swan pub. Thanks Ralph.

Barrage Balloon

Does anyone in the Sheriff Hill area remember, or know of, a barrage balloon breaking loose and doing some damage at St John's Church? My grand-parents are buried there, and as a choir boy I remember their gravestone, which would have been 5 ft tall, was broken in two and the top half laid up against the lower half. I 'was told', that it had been broken by a trailing wire from a barrage ballon. Years later, the headstone was replace by a simple stone (not much detail) which is now lying flat very near the choir entrance to the church. And could anyone tell me in what year the Rev Walters died - he is buried along the south wall of the church! Regards, Rob Hall, Katy, Texas.

Jim Munday

Looking for Jim Munday, born at the QE hospital, Sheriff Hill in 1950. I have family information for him re Robert Hall of Sheriff Hill. Rob Hall, Katy, TEXAS

Stone Quarry

Can anyone tell me where the stone quarry was at Sheriff Hill? From 1944-1949 I lived at Springfield Place. My grandparents lived at Egremond Gardens. On the 1911 census my grand father and great-grandfather are living at Lilac House, Larne Crescent (not far from St. John's church). My great-grandfather is buried in St John's churchyard. Lilac House is private road so after a visit to Sheriff Hill, I found the grave but unfortunatley was not able to see the house. Due to my parents divorcing I never had any comunication with my father's family and they were all from Sheriff Hill. My grandparents were Thomas and Margaret Thirlwall from Egremond Gardens. He was a miner. My great-grandparents were George and Mary Thirlwall (Lilac House). He was a builder and his wife was a lot younger than him. Does annyone remember the quarry or the Thirlwalls? I am George Thirlwall,born 1944. Thank you.


Did anyone go to school or dances with my Mum? Did you work with her at a tobacco company in Newcastle? She was born in 1930 and lived at 17 Lindsley Road with her parents Lilian and James William (Bill) Fenton untill she married in 1952. Bill worked for the Journal in Newcastle and his family lived in the house when he left school in 1920. I remember playing on some waste land at the back of the house and discovering a pile of soot which ruined my Sunday best dress and shoes.

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