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Memories of Shoreham-By-Sea

Shoreham-By-Sea memories
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Toy Shop

East Street c1960, Shoreham-By-Sea
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I remember the shop sold toys and every week I would spend my pocket money on animals for my toy farm. I would spend ages deciding what to buy or whether to wait until I could afford a more expensive item like a horse and cart!

Seaside Holidays

East Street c1960, Shoreham-By-Sea
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My family rented a summer holiday bungalow in Shoreham starting I think, around 1957 when I was 4 and continued until the early 1960's. My parents, three older brothers, an elderly aunt and our cat, Peter. I remember having to carry Peter over the pebbles to a garden area where he could do his business, he would not walk on the pebbles. There was a family with three girls about my brother's ages who also spent their holiday there. In 1957 my brothers; Roland, Robert & Brian Owen would of been 16, 14 & 12 and I think one of the girls was named Margaret. I remember I was always in the way, and wanted to follow my brothers everywhere!


East Street c1960, Shoreham-By-Sea
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I so remember the shop on the corner, Mum used to go in and look at the clothing patterns - don't remember her ever buying very many, but she would go home and make her own paper patterns from memory and hey presto, new dresses for my sister and me! It was so good then, with very few cars.

Shops And Shopkeepers in East Street ....St Marys Hall..

East Street c1960, Shoreham-By-Sea
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I remember the pram/toy shop on the corner, there was also a fabric shop - I think it was where Famished sandwich bar was (can't remember what it is called now..) I could buy a piece of fabric, 'a remnant for 2 shillings' and make my then 2 year old daughter a dress that evening, and she would wear it to playschool the next day... it was in Western Road. 'Happy Hours' it was called... happy for who? - both of us l think. I loved East Street, Key Markets (now Smiths / Cancer Charity shop?) You could park your pram outside with your baby in it, it was safe then, there would be a row of big prams, proper prams. I loved all the little shops, Dave the greengrocer was where Teddy's is now (i think), Dave would be out the front juggling apples being funny yelling, "oranges 4 for a shilling"and having banter with customers. I worked there for quite a long time,... Read more

Buckingham Road

Does anyone remember a plane crashing into a front garden in Buckingham Road on Friday 13 March 1964? It was in the garden of a house on the right-hand side as you go down the road, approximately opposite No 54. I was married the following day and was driven from The Drive down Buckingham Road to St Marys Church, and remember the driver and my father being more interested in the plane than in the bride they were taking to church! I don't know if the pilot survived... do hope so.

West Sussex memories

Memories of Oakdene Avenue

Oakdene Avenue c1960, Mile Oak
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I would place the date of the photo, earlier than 1965 as I moved into No 11 in 1958 with my parents as the first owners. I got married in 1962 and moved across to my wife's house in Chrisdory Road in 1962 and I'm sure  the pavements would have been completed long before then.  The car in the picture is right outside our house and I would need a better view of it to know if it was my father's 3 wheel Bond minicar. In those days I worked at the Ronuk Factory (it does what it says on the tin) in Victoria Road, before it was sold off and demolished and Rounk Hall became Portslade Town Hall.  
 The photos shown in the Portslade collection of Sefton Rd. and Beechers Road should really be listed in the Mile Oak collection, as that is where they are located, along with those of Mile Oak Road and Oakdene Avenue

(Editors note:  Thank you for the information - we... Read more

Mile Oak Revisited

My mother was a land girl, she worked daily on Farmer Broomfield's farm Some of my earliest memories are of playing with other kids around an old black caravan, more a hut on wheels, provided as a shelter from the weather. Piles of wet weather coats made a comfy sleeping bed for me, while mum worked and the older kids played. Maybe I was getting too big for my pram, cause I remember it being around, until the day my brother put his feet through the bottom drop down section, when fooling around with his friends. The end of my pram days.
The field was at the bottom of Beechers Road, opposite the "jumping field" as the horses field was known, next to Chalky Lane. This was a field which covered a lot of space, and uphill towards the two storey houses on Mile Oak Road.
Mum complained often of back problems, but no doubt all the women involved in bending and weeding the rows of vegetables had back pain.Read more

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