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RAF Dishforth

My brother was stationed here during his National Service. I was 9 years old in 1953 and I remember very vividly writing letters to him and receiving the same from him. He thoroughly enjoyed his time there. He was also able, when he got a 48 hour pass, to get a lift home with a potato merchant, who had a depot in Thirsk, and one in Motherwell where we stayed. All Bill had to do was phone them and they would pick him up at RAF Dishforth and drop him off at our house and repeat the journey on the way back. If there are any aircraftsmen still living from that time feel free to contact me.

Tank Crossing

Does anyone remember the tank crossing that was built at the River Ure at Bridge Hewick? It was built so that Sherman tanks could practice moving in water for the later Normandy landings in 1944. We used to see them every day as we passed over the bridge on our way to school in Ripon. Has anybody got a photograph of the tanks in the river at that time? If so let me know please with contact details.

My Brother Arthur Drowned in The River Ure

My brother Arthur drowned in the River Ure.Does anyone remember this, and the Thorpe family?

North Yorkshire memories

"Anne's Cafe"

The Crown Hotel And Three Greyhounds Hotel c1955, Boroughbridge
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I was born in Annes Cafe Boroughbridge in 1940 (we were lodging there). Dad used to have a few beers in the Crown and the Three Greyhounds during WW2.
Mum and Dad told me they used to go "skinny dipping" in the "fish ladders?"*
we moved from Boroughbridge to Merseyside sometime between 1940 and 1945 I will have to research exactly when.
Does anyone where the "fish ladders" are or were?

Growing up Here

The Village Stream And Post Office c1960, Bishop Monkton
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This is where I grew up moving in when I was seven years old. I remember falling in the beck shortly after moving in as it was just across the road from the school. The locals always said that you weren't a local unless you fell into the beck. I remember that there were trout in it and some of the kids used to tickle them. Never got the hang of it myself. The Paper Mill and the Mechanics Institute were still going then along with three village shops including one which was the Post Office. We used to ride bikes through the ford which was near the Mechanics considered by the kids as a den of iniquity because the men played snooker there. The Lamb and Flag public house, Is it still there? I delivered the evening and Sunday papers in the village as I got older but moved away when I was 16. Fond memories of the old place, must visit again some day soon.

Bishop Monkton

The Village Stream And Post Office c1960, Bishop Monkton
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We lived in Bishop Monkton for thirty seven years from 1967. The Post Office is now a private residence, as is the village shop (Central Stores). Central Stores was run by a guy called Mitchell, succeeded by 'The Broadbents', then 'The Rawlings'. If I remember correctly, Mrs Cusworth returned to the village to run Central Stores (having previously run 'the other shop', with her husband running The Forge Garage). Central Stores was then sold to some people who tried to make it a 'deli' (I think?), but closed very shortly afterwards. Central Stores is now a private residence. The Forge Garage is now the village shop, and was a sub Post Office, but I think the Post Office is no longer there? Forge Garage no longer sells petrol. All this information is a bit vague in my memory, but I do believe it to be correct - apologies for any errors, and I am sure someone will correct me!

My Home

The Village c1960, Burton Leonard
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Grew up here, the school was my first and used to play football with my mum and dad and sis, a truly beautiful place to live. I remember Bells shop, the annual fair, and when me and my mates used to tie the church gates so the married couple would throw money to distract us so they could untie them, great memories. :) I live at 1 Peter Lane, just across the green from my school.

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