Slough, Upton Lea Post Office c.1960

Slough, Upton Lea Post Office c.1960

Neg. S256034

Memories of Slough

Harrington And Lake

My parents, Doug Harrington and Betty Lake, met in Slough and married in 1948. Does anyone remember them?

A memory of Slough

The Shaggy Calf Pub 1957 1963

I have fond memories of getting together with other musicians and practising big band music in the ballroom out the back. There were about 15-20 of us - no particular leader but someone took the arrangements home ...Read full memory

A memory of Slough by Anthony Rees


I seem to remember that this section of Upton Park had its entrance at Sussex Place (at the East end of the High Street, just past Upton Road) Many an hour was spent walking/running through this section on route to Lacelles playing ...Read full memory

A memory of Slough by Anthony Rees

The Carlton Ballroom

It was a must in the 1960's. The Carlton was in the High Street near the post office, a few steps were at the front, leading to the entrance and it was always packed. They had a bar upstairs where you stood drinking looking ...Read full memory

A memory of Slough

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