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Oxford Street

Malling Road c1965, Snodland
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I lived at 9 Oxford Street (just off Malling Road) from 1955 to 1972 when I got married and moved away to Maidstone. I worked as a paperboy for Kenny's; once I was 13 and old enough to be employed - I remember getting 10 shillings per week. My round covered the Birling Road and the new estate that was being built along Taylor's Road, behind the farm. I also worked for Jack and Ruby at the fish shop at the top of Oxford Street, every Friday night and Saturday morning from 1964 to 65 - and enjoyed my fish and chips at the end of the shift (always best when free!) I went to the Snodland schools leaving Snodland Secondary School in 1965 when I started a five year apprenticeship at Reeds. I enjoyed woodwork, metalwork, maths and tech drawing whilst at Holmesdale - the teachers were all very good! I also enjoyed the school youth club! I would love to hear from anyone who recalls these good times.... Read more

Paper Mill

Holborough Road c1965, Snodland
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My father, George Potten, worked at the paper mill. We first lived in May Street then moved to Mill Street, think it was 1960/61/62. I had a brother Michael and sister Maureen, we used to play in the railway yard or along the banks of Medway. I also played at the Bricklayers Pub with Audrey Symmonds, and with the coal merchant's children in the coal yard. We lived next door to a family called "Bell", we moved away in 1963/64. I also played with a girl called Elizabeth Street, so many years ago names escape me.

The Bull And my Dad, Arthur Shrimpton.

The Cross Roads c1965, Snodland
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My life has always been based around The Bull as I was born there in 1965 and stayed there till September 1982 as my dad was the landlord. We left there when he sadly passed away, but still today I have people tell me about their memories of him and how The Bull has never been the same since the day we left. Nearly all our old regulars still use The Bull and every time I go in there I always get a great warm welcome from them all. The name Arthur Shrimpton is always mentioned fondley by them, guys like Walshie Joyboy Jock, Mick Mac Shane, Micky Knight, Nicky and Shirley, Derek and Dave Joyce and that's just to name a few. I don't think my dad could have ever known just how much he was loved and respected by so many people. I think I can say with total honesty that for myself and my brothers, Mark and Colin our hearts our lives and memories will always be... Read more

KM Shop in Malling Road

Holborough Road c1965, Snodland
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I have always hoped to get in touch with a friend who I used to travel to London and back with during the late 1960's; his parents, Mr & Mr Webb lived in the Kent Messenger house during that time. I believe they later moved to either Devon or Cornwall. I put in an offer on a house directly next to the KM shop/residence at the beginning of 2010 and when I strolled into the KM shop next door I remembered that it was actually where he lived with his parents at that time. He later went to work in the Middle East and I also went to work in the Middle East until recently when I came back to the UK in 2010, and now currently live in Sandwich. I always hoped that I would bump into Brian during my travels but never did. If anybody has any idea of where he is at the moment, I would love to be able to send him a message just to... Read more

Mr Dodds The Woodwork Teacher.

Holmesdale School c1960, Snodland
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I remember Mr Dodds, he was an amazing teacher. Although I was a girl and girls couldn't take woodwork classes, Mr Dodd let me join the woodwork club after school, I had a brilliant time.

Mr Dods And The Stool

Holmesdale School c1960, Snodland
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I still have the stool and ladder made in Mr Dods woodwork class. Some of the teachers I have fond memories of Mr Baker rural studies, Mr Horsnal. That bully of a teacher who seemed to like slapping the girls. He stood them on a chair first. The gardening teacher who lived in Aylesford. Mr Butcher the music teacher. Almost all with fond memories. I have lived in France for 20 years and have lost contact with all the class of 4B1. I was born in 1940. Alan Guntrip

Snodland School

Holmesdale School c1960, Snodland
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I was at Holmesdale School from 1952 to 56, then returned in 1960 as head grounds man, when it had a farm run by Mr Baker, nice man. I remember Mr dodd and lots of the old teachers. I married a local girl and still live in Snodland. The school don't look as I remember it, it looks rather jumbled up.


Holborough Road c1965, Snodland
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I was born in May Street and then moved to Brook Street where I went to school. It was very handy as I only lived across the road. I then went to the secondary school where I played hockey for the 2nd Eleven. I still live here now. Sadly my parents are no longer here and my brother lives in Wales. This place has changed so much in recent years.

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