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High Street c1965, Souldern
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Aged 9, evacuated to Souldern, on leaving the train I was taken to the village hall where we were all told to sit down and await to be collected, over a period of time I was selected and taken to the Hermitage, the lady of the house being Mrs Slessor. To my young mind it was like going into a palace, being waited on and even a cook and gardener, the happiest time of my life. I also remember the post office, the Fox Inn, the well at the top of the village and the women getting the water from it and going back to the cottages. My one sister lived at the post office and my other two sisters were living in the cottage, I believe the lady's name was Mrs Westbury. The lady at the post office was I believe was Mrs Bates who had a daughter.

School Days

I lived in Souldern and remember Callows shop very well. I remember Jack and Sam (who sadly was fataly injured on a tractor). I went to school with Jack's son, John, to Steeple Aston School with heyfordian coaches but most of all I remember Nancy Bowls. Used to look forward to riding in the cart up to Nancy's Wood pulled by the donkey. I even remember Nancy's mother; when she was too weary to travel, she stayed up at the wood over night, which was well equiped with cooking facilities. I think she only had one cow, bless her. We lived in two caravans in a paddock opposite the allotments, which I believe has now been built on. I would love to meet John Callows again, he was my school mate - we used to scrump apples together.

Oxfordshire memories

Stoke Lyne School

I lived in Tusmore from about 1950 to Nov 1953 when we emigrated to New Zealand. I used to travel in a small van across Tusmore Park to school. Miss Saville was the teacher and my mother worked as her assistant for a few months. I visited Miss Saville in her retirement whilst in the UK in 1962. A TV was brought in for us to watch the Queen's coronation and that was the first time I saw television. I recall not liking the school dinners and every new child was initiated by having to stand all alone on the shoe grating against the wall before the other children started to make friends. It was awful. My mother went to the Women's Institute at Tusmore House and I was the sailor for them in a show. Names which come to mind are my friend, Fenella, who lived in a cottage on the Estate and the English boys who lived near me in a house which had a turret tower. There... Read more

Garden Cottage, Tusmore Park

I lived in Tusmore Park in the late 1950s and early 1960s. My name was Susan Barnsley. My dad Ken was gardener in the enclosed Victorian garden and I remember living in Garden Cottage which backed onto the gardens, there was also a racing stables run by Mr Keane. I remember my best friend in the park was Suzanne Clark, the gamekeeper's daughter, she had a brother called Rodney who was friends with Trevor Keane, son of the stable manager, We used to play in the grounds of the big house, as we called it, there were small ponds with newts in, we were not really supposed to play there but we did. I also went to school in Stoke Lynne and I remember Miss Saville and another teacher, Miss Andsell, Names from school I recall are Susan Turzack, Poppy Squires, Aann Miller, Pat and John Jones. I also had a friend called Wendy Burnham who lived at the crossroads towards Bicester where you turned off to go to Stoke Lynne. I remember... Read more

Visiting Grandad & Uncles at Noth Aston

My Father's name was Cato and he was born at North Aston. He was one of a family of eleven and although they were poor they seemed to have a very happy childhood. It was a yearly event for me when I was a child to go and visit my Grandad and Uncles who still lived in the village. There was a big old tree on the green and it could be climbed from the inside. Dad said it was like that when he was a child and my children also climbed the tree. Sadly I don't think it is there any longer. My children like to go to the church and see where one of my Uncles carved his initials behind the organ(very naughty). Some of my cousins have considered meeting on the green and having a pic-nic but I expect the locals would have a fit because most of the families Dad knew no longer live there.

My Short Time Spent Living With A Family

My brother, was in the army and was wounded and sent to a hospital near Banbury, where he met and married a nurse, who was living with her parents in Kings Sutton. I went to live with her parents, and attended the local school. Her father had a farm, and each day he would walk from the farm, with milk in buckets hanging from a yoke on his shoulders, to sell in their tiny shop. I don't think I was allowed in the shop, but I saw the village people bring their jugs for the milk. My bedroom was opposite a pub which was used by service men, I can't recall the name of the pub. The house was very basic, no bathroom just an outside toilet down the end of the garden. The farmer had two spinster sisters, their house seemed to me to be at the end of our garden, that's where they always seemed to appear from.!! We would walk to church for the morning and evening service... Read more


My late husband & I moved into Stoke Lyne early 1981, and bought our beautiful bungalow next door to the "Peyton Arms", what a beautiful village, we were extremely happy there for some nineteen years wonderful neighbours, and beautiful surroundings. Lots of water has passed under the bridge since the year 2000 when we moved, now living in Australia. I shall always have fond memories of Stoke Lyne & Oxfordshire.

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