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South Hetton

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Gray Family

Hi, does anyone remember Jack and Louise Gray who lived in South Hetton. I am trying to trace my step-father's family for him but I am having no luck tracing them. He remembers they lived at 17 Grasmere Terrace (now demolished it seems!). They had five children I believe, Mary/May, George, Reginald,Sally and John who lived in south Hetton until he became ill in 1993. Any information would be gratefully received. Thank you.

County Durham memories

Memories of Elizabeth Gallimore

I was born in 19 Windsor Terrace in 1949. I remember growing up in Haswell and going to the school at the top of the road opposite Church Street where I went to both the infants and the juniors. We used to go up the lane to the Lodge where the posh folk lived. My dad worked at South Hetton colliery most of his working life. Life was fun. We had slides down Windsor Terrace to the bottom and sledge down it in winter. Games on the green, bonfires on the green too. We could walk round High Haswell and never worry about anything. We could be missing for the whole cant do this today. Happy days.

Waterworks During The Second World War Years

I was not born in Murton and did not revisit it after the Second World War years until 1975. However my grandmother lived there and my grandfather was killed in an accident in 1932 in Polka pit. My grandmother remarried and became part of the Haswell family, her first husband was Thomas Potts... My vivid memory was looking out of my grandma's window which was halfway up the stairs and watching the pit spoil tipping out of the bucket at the prearranged spot. I had a very good view as my grandma lived at the waterworks at 15 D'arcy Place. Is the north east tradition of remembering a married woman by her maiden name because when I visited in 1975 I was known as Madge Pott's boy, and not as Madge Davison's boy which one would have expected.


Does anyone remember the Bell family, George and Esther? Esther was a Salvation Army officer. The children were George who died just after the war. Dora who became a nurse in London, Evelyn, Nan, Jenny and Matthew (Matt) who played the trumpet and eventually had his own band. I would love to speak to anyone who knew them. I am the daughter of Matt.

Little School And The Little Shop on The Corner And The Little Chapple on The Corner

Hi, my name is Shirley Stoke. I have lots of lovely little memories of living in Haswell, I have a really good memory. I used to live in Church Street. I loved the school across the road from my house and when I used to go to chapel on the corner. I can also remember I used to play with a little girl that used to live up on the hill among the trees in that big house right at the top, and she had lots of little chocolate eggs that she used to put along the window sill and they used to melt when the sun come out. I can also remember lying in bed on a night and listening for the big trucks coming through Haswel to the slaughter house and I can hear all the poor little animals getting shot - sorry but that's some of my memories, but they were good memories no matter what. I just love my home, town's my roots as they say.... Read more

Tracing People

Does anybody have any information on the Cummings family? The head of the family was Herbie and his wife was Annie. They lived on the council estate at the bottom of the village.

Murton Morrisons/Yore

I remember the old Co Op in Murton with all those tram like lines with things being sent from one side of the store to the other, and my grandma, Mary Morrison nee Yore, buying me new shoes from a shop close to the Co Op - black patined with big silver buckles and yer I do have a photo of me in them. She lived in Dawson Sq. My father is Morice Morrison, we lived in London but would come up to Durham every other year to see grandma and my dad's family. We would also visit my dad's cousin's family in Dawdon, Jimmy Shepard. We still come up now and again and its so nice. We took dad to the working mans club and he still knew people there - he is 93 now. Do let me know if you know him or of him, thanks Linda.

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