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South Hiendley

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South Yorkshire memories

Felkirk Church

Felkirk Church was about five miles from Ryhill and was built long before the birth of Oliver Cromwell. There he used one of the stable yards which was adjacent to the church. Anyway in the year 1959 I was become a bell-ringer at that church, Mr Stan Chant was one of the teachers whereupon he set me out a riddle which I had to solve. He said to me that when the clock upon the church struck 12 midnight all the ghosts came out from their graves but they very seldom heard it. Mr Chant gave me as long as I wished to solve the riddle but I could not solve it. He took me outside the church and told me to look up at the bell tower and said for me to study it. He even gave me the riddle once more and still I did not know the meaning of the riddle. Then he told me to go up into the belfry with him. The belfry stone stairs... Read more

What A Fright

If you have read my account as a child at Felkirk Church, I as a grown man and with some time on my hands, visited Felkirk Church on many occasions. It was on the last occasion where I went there around 15.00 hours. I recall that the dark nights were creeping in and that the Church was darkening within; having known where the light switches were to turn on the lights I decided to switch one light on which was where the font was, and then went and sat down in one of the pews within the middle isle. It was a time of reflection and prayer for me, and knowing that there was only myself within the church I was in prayer! Suddenly there was a loud noise of which I would describe as a glass marble being thrown through the air and then hitting a stone floor and then bouncing two or three times and then rolling past to where I was knelt down. It was... Read more

Ryhill Res,

Ryhill Reservoir was the place where my sister Mary took me in the summer months, mainly on Sundays, and at that time there was a small shop which sold ice cream and pop and also fishing nets attached to a bamboo cane; there were plenty of sticklebacks which one could capture and put into jam jars. There were also rowing boats where one would have to pay about five shillings (25 pence), not as though either of us had any money between us. There wasn't much to do really except to watch the ducks fly around and lie in the long grass and soak the sunshine. Lots of people would swim in the reservoir as it was quite clean. It was in 1993 when I last went there on a flying visit. It was summertime and I decided to park my car up that night and stretch myself out in the back of the estate car. It was quite foggy that night due to the hot day cooling off. I... Read more

Old Days

Does anybody remember a family called Farrell from Hemsworth? My father was from there and had a big family of 13, so I think there must be some still family members around?

Memories of People I Knew in Wortley Place, Hemsworth

I have lived in Hemsworth all my life from being 4 years old and I remember a family called Farrel - one was Mr Jack Farrel - the others were Percy Fillingham, Trevor Morrison, Alec Garbutt, Jim Cherry, and others who at the moment I cannot bring to mind, I am going back to the 1940s /1950s when I knew these people.


I resided as a child at The Cedars for 14 years. I would like to know the history together with details of other children that were there from 1953 to 1964.

The Cedars Childrens Home, Barnsley Road, Hemsworth

I would like to contact anyone that resided as a child at the above (The Cedars) between the years 1954 to 1965. I have been told the building was demolished some years ago and any photos would be gratefully received. Does the Hemsworth & Sth Elmsal Express have any archive footage? Or the local local institution, local council (known then as the "West Riding County Council". Is there anyone familiar with the following names; Fishwick, Leek, Schofield, Carter, Dean, Butterworth, Unwin, Forster. Does the "West End School" still exist? Harold Brown was my best friend there. Keep your eyes on this web page as I will be writing an extensive story re the Cedars circa 1954 to 1965 about events that actually took place, it will make very interesting reading indeed. So if there is anyone out there that was residing there during that period please reply. I now live in Kent. Thank you for your time.

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