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My Childhood in Southall

The Manor House 1965, Southall
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My parents were born in India. My grandfather settled in Africa and had a good job. When my father got married he stayed Africa where all my brothers and sisters were born. My dad was a carpenter by trade; he arrived in Britain on his own with close relatives in 1962 for work as a carpenter to build new houses. He worked very hard in the snow, often travelling to London. They lived in rented accommodation in various addresses in Southall. My father did not want us to come to England as it was too cold in the winter but my mother wanted to join him, so he sponsored the 7 of us and we joined our father in 1962. At first we lived at 23 Beaconsfield Road sharing an overcrowded house. I remember the cold winters and the paraffin heater that mum used to keep us warm with and often she would put a pan on top and pop some popcorn for us. My father was a very religious... Read more

My Childhood in Southall

Another thing that I remember was bath night. Notice I said night and not nights!! We had a tin bath which had to be filled up by boiling kettles and saucepans. My young brother would go in first, then me, after me was mummy, and last was daddy!! What ever would health and safety have to say about that today!! We were, however, one of the first houses in our street to have an inside toilet and bathroom. We didn't have central heating so therefore, in the winter, we had ice on the inside of the windows! I used to love to "huff" on the window and watch the lovely frost patterns return. We didn't have fitted carpets, or heating upstairs.....we didn't die from the cold and to this day, I don't like heating in my bedroom. You may think reading this account that we were very poor.....far from it....we weren't poor, nor were we "we'll off". However, if you are a young person reading this and judging... Read more

Growing up in Southall.

I was born in 1949 to Nellie and Ashford DISNEY. We lived at 15 Albert Road, and my father worked in the Post Office at BATH'S on the Weston Road. Mr. William Bath was my father's uncle. Before Mummy and Daddy got married, Mummy used to work in the Post Office as well. - that's how they met. Our neighbours were called Mary and Joseph Packer and every Christmas we had a card from Mary and Joseph. As a very little girl I thought that was special. I had a younger brother called Stephen. I went to Featherstone Infants and Juniors and from there went to Western Secondary Girls School. I remember when I was at the Junior School, one of the teachers was called Mr. Neame. Every lunch time he would ask me to go to the newsagents on the corner (Hill's I think it was called) to get him a quarter of sweets. Mummy and my grandmother - Mrs.... Read more

Wolf Rubber

I was born in 1934 in Burns Avenue Southall, and I remember Snells Farm at the bottom of Burns Ave, before it became a prefab estate. Left Dormers Wells at 14 in 1948. I worked at Wolf Rubber in 1949 and my job was cleaning metal shafts that where put into washing machine rubber rollers. Most of the machines were run from an overhead drive shaft and connected to the machines via a large belt. There where many foreign workers there in my time, but I did not stay long. I then worked at James Davis Timber on the banks of the canal at Hayes Bridge. I left Southall in 1954 after I got married. I went back to Southall for the first time in 2007; my god the Southall I knew had long gone, what a shame .

Norwood Green

I was born in Norwood Green in 1939. I also went to Clifton Road school. We were bombed regularly as the anti aircraft guns were in Osterly Park behind our house which was also opposite St Marys Church. Two Italian prisoners of war visited our house quite a lot and sat by the fire with me in their lap. I think they fancied my sister, we called one Calabria but I think that was the name of the area he came from - we always thought it was his name! They brought us home baked bread and once a live chicken for Christmas. My mother, Edna Lord-Castle, won a medal for being the best wartime village housewife. She cared for the vicar's pigs and orchard gardens when he left, out to the quieter countryside. My family were well known. My brothers, Arthur and Terry (rear bomber), used to enjoy their nights out in the Plough pub. Terry played football for the local team and now... Read more

Growing up in Southall

I grew up in Southall in the 1940s and 50s. We lived in Gordon Road in a terraced house that backed onto The Tube. We had an outside toilet, no bathroom and, until I was about 6, no electricity. At the age of 5 I could change a gas mantle. My mother continued to live there until she passed on in 1989 Two doors away was Mrs Ridgewell's grocery shop and on the corner there was a greengrocer's. I recall being sent for a shilling's worth of King Edward potatoes. I went to Clifton Road Primary (Miss Camp) and Junior (Mr Constable) schools and went on to Drayton Manor School in Hanwell. I went to Sunday School and belonged to the Boy Scouts at the Salvation Army in Adelaide Road. I was their first and only Queen's Scout. Opposite on the corners of Clifton Road were Pearson's Drapers and a good fish and chip shop. Just around the corner in Norwood Road was a small parade of shops which included a newsagents... Read more

Keir Hardie Way

The Manor House 1965, Southall
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I grew up in Keir Hardie Way, near Barnhill School & The Greenway from 1953 - 1966 (we then moved to Surrey). I went To Hayes Park School then Mellow Lane School. Keir Hardie Way, Atlee Road, Bondfield, Kingshil Avenue etc.. were our childhood haunts. Best of all was The Greenway which was all fields & the brook. It was like living in the countryside and in those days, safe. I went back to look a few years ago and was surprised at how nice everything looked and The Greenway is still thankfullly greenbelt land. It was a new council estate when we moved there and except for a couple of 'problem' families all the houses and public gardens were well kept, everyone had jobs and took a pride in their homes. We were fortunate enough to buy a house in Surrey and left the area (a whole different world in those days), but many of the children I grew up with in Hayes have done well in life, went... Read more

Southall 1928-1954

The Manor House 1965, Southall
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I was born in Woodlands Road, but moved shortly afterwards to Townsend Road.
We then moved to No74 North Road in 1933. I attended North Road School until 1940, then moved to Dormers Wells, then to Southall Tecg in 1942.
I remember the war years clearly. In 1944 a V1bomb fell in Southall Park, and brought the celing in on my bed! I was downstairs in the Morrison shelter.
At various tmes, I was in Villiers Scouts, a member of the Pioneer Club, and 1846 ATC squadron.

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