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Peter Pans Pool Circa 1957

My gran used to be the nurse at the first aid post at Peter pans pool, next to the first aid post was a hut that stored surplus and waiting to be fixed rides ie, hobby horse, rocket or a car or life size figures of Cinderella and I remember a cowboy and an Indian, my imagination went wild in there. I used to dress up as a nurse and pretend to be a nurse like my gran. Lost children found their way to the first aid post and I had a supply of new friends to show the figures to until they were collected by their parents. The sun seemed to be always shining and the little shop had every design of bucket and spade, even little flags to stick in your sandcastle. Rock of every flavour, huge rock lollipops and ice cream and sun hats of every colour. To me, as a child it was a magical time, I have very fond memories of those days


Convalescent Home 1902, Southport
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I have Vague memories of being sent here to convalesce when I was little I remember being very poorly all the time with asthma and i almost died once from this, i do remember crying as i did not want to go and hated watching my dad walk away leaving me there but can not remember much else or how long I stayed here but i do remember nuns which is strange i really wish i could remember more xx

Weekend Sunbathing

Sea Bathing Lake c1960, Southport
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I used to go to the bathing lake every weekend rain or shine , I used vinegar and olive oil to get a tan, I even lay on tin foil at one time , I used to arrive as the baths opened , alongside the life guards , I have a photo somewhere laying on the wall, by the café . met my first husband as well , who used to come from Manchester with his mates every weekend
I have such fond of memories , always went on my own .my maiden name was Clarke

Connvalescent Home

Convalescent Home 1902, Southport
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When I was about 2 I was very ill and after leaving the Children's Hospital I went to a convalescent home in Southport. I have very little memory of this.. I was told it was a Catholic home. My mother was very worried. When she came to take me home she said I looked lovely, glowing and all the Nuns were giving me hugs. My mother believes I was very happy there. She said I was golden brown as we were on the beach every day. Does anyone else know about the home?

Where Has The Victoria Hotel Gone ?

Neville Street 1924, Southport
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Does anyone know what has happened to the Victoria Hotel, seen in this picture to the right of the statue of Queen Victoria?

Great Days!

Peter Pans Playground c1955, Southport
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My memories of peter pans always makes me think of me sitting on my dads coach outside Gores coaches in neville street and being able to see peter pans from were i was sitting, sadly gores coaches is long gone, but have so many happy memories of them days and my dad loved driving his coach.

Happy Days....Jeux Sans Frontieres

Sea Bathing Lake c1960, Southport
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One of many events to take place in this amazing pool was the 1975 International heat of Jeux Sans Frontieres. Stuart Hall and Eddie Wareing compered on a late summers evening when competitors from all over Europe battled on a specially built galleon in the deep end of the pool. This was the era when it was normal to liberally cover yourself with coconut oil, and burn in the sun to a deep golden colour....happily, skin cancer hadn't been invented! We spent many many happy summer days there with my mum and dad, Bob & Jenny Ashurst. Such happy days.

The Copper's Helmet And The Nut Cracker

Peter Pans Playground c1955, Southport
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The ride in the middle of this photograph of the children’s playground on the beach at Southport was known as a ‘copper’s helmet’, and the nearest one on the left was called ‘the nut cracker’. As the nutcracker swung higher and higher the children standing on the ends had to watch out that they didn’t crack their heads (‘nuts’) on the cross members.

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