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Sparkbrook memories
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Colville Road, Sparkbrook

I was born at 4 Back, 34 Colville Road in January 1950. These back houses were very small with a shared outside toilet. We had all manner of creatures that lived there too, massive spiders, blackbats and beetles that lived in the coal cupboard which was in the kitchen. Bed bugs...the smell of which, I will never forget. My elder sister, Pat, and I went to Conway Road Girls Secondary School. We did have a few parks nearby - Sparkhill Park, Balsall Heath Park and we played in the street. I live in London now, but if I visit my family in Brum, I always try and go via Ladypool Road. Obviously the whole place is very different now, but there are various landmarks that I remember. The Congregational church in Ladypool Road, I went to Sunday School there. The vegetable shop at the top of Colville Road was called Jones's and still looks the same. There was a pub on almost every corner but I don't know how many... Read more

Montgomery Street School

I attended here from 1965-1970 and loved it, Mrs Blackwell taught me in the last two years. She got 18 of us into Grammar Schools, which was amazing from such a deprived area. Life was very different in those days, we had very little but were happy and healthy. I would love to hear from my old classmates, or people from the area. I lived at 116 Dolobran Rd, two up ,two down....toilet down the backyard!!

Spakbrook, Montgomery School

I also attended Montgomery Street School, I remember Mrs Askey in Reception Class, Miss Cook and Mr D Brazier who was the Principal. I lived on Sydenham Road and also remember a freezing outside toilet in winter!

Hickman Road

I lived in Hickman Road from 1942 till 1960, I had a very happy childhood with many friends (who I would love to contact). I went to Montgomery St School and then on to Conway Road School. Some of the teachers I remember are; Mr Issacs (headteacher), Mr Stone, Mr Roycroft - all from Montgomery St, and Miss Faye from Conway Road. I was 1 of 10 children and although we had little money we were a very close family. I remember the corner shop in Grace Road (Mrs Gardener) the Co-OP in Anderton Road, and many more memories which I would love to share. Anyone who remembers me please phone 01527 757017 Annette Finn (nee Tomlinson)


I lived in Hickman Road and went to Montgomery St School from1945 to 1951, if anyone remembers me please phone 01527 757017 or 07813499543. Annette Tomlinson now Finn Mr Issacs was the headmaster then, I also remember Mr Stone and Mr Roycroft I would really like to catch up

Sparkbrook Or Sparkhill??

I was born in a house on Stoney Lane, long since demolished. I was never quite sure whether it was Sparkbrook or Sparkhill. Somehow I thought Sparkhill was 'posher'! Went to English Martyrs Primary School, followed by Swanshurst Grammar School for Girls. My earliest memories were of the Ladypool Road shops. Jones's for fruit & veg, Trippas, the wonderful bakery & Jukes's who seemed to sell everything from hardware to buckets & brooms. There was also a pork butchers shop where my brother had a Saturday job. On Stoney Lane there was a hairdressers called Rhoda. I worked there on Saturdays whilst a student. Prior to that I worked at a hairdressers on Stratford Rd called Miss Kitty's. Stoney Lane also had a wool shop and an outdoor, as we called it, now known as an off license. It was run by the Twigg family and you could walk in with a jug & buy draught beer. ... Read more

Hickman Road

Did anyone remember Montgomery Street School from 1945 to 1951? Mr Issacs was the headmaster, two of the teachers were Mr Stone and Mr Roycroft. I am Annette Tomlinson (now Finn). If anyone remembers me please call 01527 757017 or 07813499543 thanks. Would love to catch up.

Hickman Road

I went to Montgomery Street School from 1946 till 1951, if any remembers me please get in touch, my phone no is 01527 757017 or 07813499543 I would love to hear from you. Mr Issacs was the headmaster and the teachers I remember are Mr Stone and Mr Roycroft.

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