St Osyth, Mill Street c.1955

St Osyth, Mill Street c.1955

Neg. S38002

Memories of St Osyth

St Osyth, Essex Paradise Lost

My Grandmother already lived in St Osyth, so from 1927 to 1939 we always had two weeks vacation at St Osyth. Coming from London this was paradise. Water by the bucket from the hydrant (you had your own key for this). No electricity, all oil lamps and cooking by the coal stove. Mr Brett provided the oil, and th ...Read full memory

A memory of St Osyth by dot-frank

Priory Lodge

My husband and I moved to Clacton on Sea year 2000 and soon afterwards we visited the Priory. We enjoyed the visit and recently 2011 I was doing more research on my family tree (May family) when I discovered an ancestor Edward Leverett on the 1841 census, who appears to be my 3 x Grandmother's brother (still have to be proved) ...Read full memory

A memory of St Osyth

Holidays In The 60s

We stayed here for many years in the chalet opposite thes shops, my parents became friends with Marie The owner of the newsagent and sweet shop in this row of shops.we holidayed here until the great storm destroyed the row of chalets as shown in another pictur e in this series

Happy Days At St Osyth

I lived with my family in Kingsbury NW9 and we used to holiday at St Osyth from 1960 -1965. Mum, Dad six children, plus Nan, Grandad and Auntie! The first year we had a caravan on the then magnificent beach, then a caravan per family on the only site at the time. Nan particularly enjoyed our evenings up at The Monks ...Read full memory

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