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Kent memories

The Post in The Centre of The Bay

The Harbour 1887, Broadstairs
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I am not sure which grandfather it was (how many greats do you want?) but the old part of my family, the Strevens, have lived in Broadstairs for the last five hundred years, and have the honour of having erected the post in the middle of the bay. This was one of five snubbing posts that allowed the barges to warp right up to the pier where they loaded tar and coke from the gas works at the top of Harbour Street (now a car park). The tar pipe is still visible in the side of the pier where it used to run down the hill still hot from the coke ovens, and into the barges.

Port Regis Catholic School ForGirls

North Foreland Lighthouse c1965, Broadstairs
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I was at Port Regis in the 50s. I took the lead role in the Thumbelina play. Does anybody remember the crowning of Our Lady? I have a photo of that event. On the other side of the coin I was put on bread and water for three days for not eating macaroni cheese, I also saw a girl being sick because she did not like porridge and the nuns made her eat it. Sister Theresa hated my long hair and tried to make my mother cut it. Sister Mary Audrey however was quite nice and because I could act she used to give me a lot of parts in plays. I was there for a few years and have never forgotten it. Some of the things they did would never be allowed today. If you remember anything I would be pleased to hear from you.......My name was Lorraine Lamb, it is now Lorraine Ilett......

Port Regis School For Delicate Girls

North Foreland Lighthouse c1965, Broadstairs
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My name was Beverley Anne Davies and I went to Port Regis for about 18 months in 1952. We lived in East Ham E6 and I had asthma. I remember the nuns were strict and at times cruel. I have a memory of one very young girl being sick and the Sister shaking her. I was in a play whilst there, my memory is hazy except I was dressed in a satin dress as an angel. The nuns names I remember are Sr Mary Bonaventure and Sr Raphael Mary. On my arrival I was sent to a lady in a sewing room who was quite kind and was measuring me. I had left my family waiting in a large room by a large fireplace who had agreed to wait for me. On my return they had disappeared and were told it would be 'better' for me not to have to say goodbye. Despite this cruel practice I did recover quite well and settled in. I also have a photograph which... Read more

St. Mary's Convalescent Home Circa 1947/8

St Mary's Home 1891, Broadstairs
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Hi Lorna and Carole, I may have been at St. Mary's at the same time as you but my memories are not as good as yours. I remember my mother telling me, when I got home, how scared of the nun's I was and if I saw one in the street I would pass wind! (She thought it was very funny). She was also impressed that I could write my own name. I was born in September 1944, hadn't started school which would have been 1949, but don't remember my sister who was born in Sept 1948. Like you I wasn't told what was wrong with me and it was never discussed. I too, thought it may have been a shadow on the lung, and had been referred by Queen Mary's Hospital, Sidcup. I tried to find out from medical records but they don't go back that far. I do remember having to eat sausages in fat with mashed potato; having to wait by someone's bed to use the toilet;... Read more

Two Terrible Weeks in Yarrow

Yarrow Home 1897, Broadstairs
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In October 1958 I was sent to Yarrow for two weeks to recover from a complicated operation. I have a sense of dread about my time there; my arrival into the panelled and imposing hall as my dad disappeared down the long drive, still haunts me and none of the staff helped me to feel any better - they were unfriendly and at times very unkind. The atmosphere was heavy with lots of silence and I never stopped feeling fearful, lonely and very cut off from my family and friends. I can still remember walking to the school room in the grounds of the big house with dread as the teacher was scarry and the classroom full of children I didn't know - not a place to learn anything! The friends I made often disappeared to the sanitorium, which was out of bounds and again very imposing - I was very intrigued and rather un-nerved by the locked door and no-entry sign. I remember being made to undress to underwear and... Read more

Vague Memories

St Mary's Home 1891, Broadstairs
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I was sent to a convelecent home in Broadstairs but I don't know the name. I must have been 5 years old, I lived in London at the time. I remember being put on a coach and being seen off by my parents and wondering why they looked sad. I also can only remember being told I had a shadow on the lung. Regarding the home; I remember the dormitories the curtains used to frighten me because I could make out ugly, scary faces in the black and white design (always been aware of curtain patterns since). I also remember the long dining tables and being made to eat rabbit stew (were we made to have cod liver oil?) I don't remember any unkindness nor any particular kindness. I believe there were swings in the grounds and recall falling backwards on to the mud in my lovely new winter coat. We used to have walks in a 'crocodile fashion' and sing "I love to go a wandering". My parents... Read more

Broadstairs 1955 or ?

St Mary's Home 1891, Broadstairs
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Oh, my goodness, the memories come flooding back when I started to read some of the stories. Yes, mine was very much the same as most of yours was. I was taken to Victoria Station and put on the train with a nun. I remember sleeping in the dorm and wetting the bed. Eating dry boiled potatoes that made me gag. Walking one direction along the sea with the wind blowing so hard they made my cheeks red raw and on the return, the back of my legs being burned by the pounding sand. Painful, but I never once complained. I would sit on the hard polished stairs watching the front door hoping my mum would walk through the doors.Only once did she manage to come. It was too expensive for her to take the train from London. Also she had to work and look after my sister at home. I came down with the measles there. I remember one day walking on the beach and nearly getting sucked down... Read more

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