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Staincross memories
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Childhood Memories

From a very early age, my older sister and I would be put onto the Yorkshire Traction 9:15am Barnsley bus by our Mam. She would have a word with Percy, the driver of this service for many years to come, give him some money to get us some refreshments at the halfway house, and off we would go. I myself was not yet old enough to go to school. Grandma Ineson would meet us at Barnsley bus station at 1:15p.m. We would stay with her and grandad for four weeks, and did this until we left school. We made a circle of friends over the years; Doreen Jones, Stuart Spacy, Neal Ives, Peter Marshall and many more. V.J. Day was a day to remember Aug 15th 1945. All the Dad's took the kids out to collect wood for a bonfire, we took old proms and carts, anything to carry the wood to the site of the bonfire, which was on the gardens to the row of houses next to Old... Read more

South Yorkshire memories

Miss You

Never been to Mapplewell or Barnsley or Wombwell. Could have lived there though, if I'd been brave enough. My memory is about a man. At that time he lived in Mapplewell, later he moved to Wombwell, Windmill Road. I was 17 he was 30. We tried for about two years, but in these two years I was fighting against my mother's will. She did not approve with my choice for this man. I had to break up and that was against my feelings. And although I am married now and I have a very happy life, with a wonderful husband and 3 great kids, I still wish that I had made another choice then. Just to find out how life would have been with him. I'm sorry Keith for the pain I caused. Hope you have a good life too! Hope someone remembers this story and find the person who changed my life for ever. Love A

Old Times

Church Street c1960, Darton
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I was born in Station Rd, went to school there, went to Empire picture house Sat mat.

Just A Few Memories

Church Street c1960, Darton
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My sister, Mary, was born in 1946, where I was born 1949. She'd take me on the bus from Royston to see some films at the Staincross cinema. The only thing that I remember was that it was somewhat run down but yet had a feel about it where you could say that it was once a beautiful cinema. Then I recall that my dad told me a story. A man who worked at Gawber pit would ride his bike down the Staincross Hill - It was some three hundred yards long. It was a few months before the 2nd world war; (Why I say this is because the Government had not started to order the compulsory process of taking down iron fencing and also gates or anything which could be melted down for the war effort) where iron would be turned into tanks, bombs and anything of the likes of weapons. This man anyway would ride down the hill at break neck speed. The only problem... Read more


This is not actually a memory, I was born at 26 BARUGH LANE, BARUGH, DARTON in 1942. I only have one vague memory, that is of a flat face bus. We moved to Wales about 1946, I have written to the above address but the letter was returned 'no such address', although seeing a map of Barugh Lane the street does exist. My name is Sanders, my parents were friendly with a family called Woodhall, if anybody can throw any light on any of my queries I would very grateful.

The Ram Inn Public

I used to live at the Ram Inn in the early sixties when my parents were the landlord and landlady.

The Ram Inn

Started going in the Ram when I moved into the village. Landlord, Royce. Very interesting, smart man.

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