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Mary Stevens Park, Childrens Play Ground 1931, Stourbridge
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As a young boy from 1943 to 1960, I lived in Heath Lane, Stourbridge and I think I spent almost all my free time playing in Mary Stevens Park.
The area where the playground still stands would be where all the children would meet up, then decide what the game for that particular day would be. Quite often it would involve a ball. Coats or jumpers would be thrown down for goal posts if we played football, or one of the trees became the wicket if cricket was decided on.
Whatever the game we all had great fun.
When it snowed we would take our sledges to the top of the hill, near the Love Lane entrance and all speed downhill as fast as possible until the snow disappeared.
As very young children we fished in the lake for 'tiddlers' with homemade nets and a jam jar to carry home our catch. As we got older we'd fish 'illegally' with rod and line in the hope of... Read more

Worcester Street

My grandfather was a dentist in Stourbridge from before WW1 until 1961. He had his surgery and dental workshop in a large house in Worcester Street. In fact the house had two addresses: 64 Worcester Street and 1 Pargeter Street. My father and his three brothers and three sisters all grew up here and with breaks for war service, they mostly spent their lives in this area. The boys all went to King Edward VI Grammar School in Lower High Street and then into local commerce and industry. They are all gone now and an era that begun with workers from the North Staffordshire clayfields moving to Stourbridge and restarting their careers in the same industry. They married local girls and progressed into a high street furniture shop and a variety of other businesses. My grandfather became an apprentice/assistant to a dentist at age 14 and became a licensed Dental Surgeon with a private practice. I do not think he ever joined the N.H.S. but relied on his loyal private... Read more

Stourbridge Outdoor Swimming Pool.

The Swimming Baths c1955, Stourbridge
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Learned to swim there, of a fashion ( late 50's) (born in 54). Later in 70's courting. No elf and............ bombing, running and diving. Used to go, take a picnic and sunbathe all day. On cold days used to run backwards and forward between the indoor and outdoor, our own sauna, yes the indoor used to steam. Was in the 19th Stourbridge cubs and scouts and we used Stourbridge bath for the scouts galas. Seem to remember it being won by a beanpole named Larry.

A Well Spent Life In Stourbridge

Mary Stevens Park, Childrens Play Ground 1931, Stourbridge
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Most of my life was spent in Stourbridge although I came from Amblecote and went to school in Wordsley. Mom used to take me to Mary Stevens Park as I took my son in later years. I used to love the swingboat seesaw and the roundabout where you had to hang on. There was also a paddling pool that was filled in hot weather as most parks had then. It probably wasn't hygienic but we loved it. It was a lovely walk around the park to feed the swans and you could fish in it too. Later on I used to walk to the park with boyfriends, enough said! There were four cinemas in Stoubridge. The Danilo, Odeon, Kings Hall and Savoy. The first to close was the Kings Hall it was a lovely cinema. Stringers a classy furniture shop was almost opposite in the High Street and next to that was the Odeon and I remember seeing 'She Wore... Read more

Looking up The Long Drive

Oldswinford Hospital School For Boys c1955, Stourbridge
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I remember in 1957, aged 13, arriving with my mom and dad up the drive and going round to the needle room to take my casefull of my clothes for the first term, then being taken into Main Block and up the stairs to dorm 6, my home for the first term. There I met my life-long friend-to-be, Robin. We sat on our beds and felt very lost. It was a Wednesday, there were tears till Sunday, then the sun shone and I was lost in a world of models, stamps, widegames, marbles and kick the can and never looked back, a wonderful time.

The Park Keeper

Swan Pool Park c1965, Stourbridge
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I remember the boating pool in Swan Pool Park, the park keeper was Mr. Willits, he still owes me a go in a paddle boat, I hired a boat, I think it cost 3d, after a few minuets rowing, he called me in and said he needed to go, but if I came back he would let me have a boat for nothing, does anyone know where Mr. Willits lives...
fond memories.

Swan Pool Park

Swan Pool Park c1965, Stourbridge
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I remember Swan Pool Park from the 1950s-60s. It is in South Road, Stourbridge. There used to be paddle-boats available to hire in the early 1960s, and there were lovely weeping-willow trees - even, perhaps, swans.

The pool was filled in during the 1970s, and the playground became derelict.  How sad.

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