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Sturminster Marshall

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Memories of Sturminster Marshall

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Dorset memories

Village School

not a memory more a request for information. does anyone know the exact location and the present use of the building that was until sometime in the 1960s " Almer village school " my grand mother was the school mistress & my father & his two brothers were pupils. I have been in touch with the local inn & other local contacts but no one knew of a school in Almer. I have a photo of the school mistress at the door & an engraved teapot from the children to my grandmother.hope someone in the area can enlighten me. look forward hopefully to recieving some information.

The Old School

My memory of Lytchett Matravers is of the old school. It was a hundred years old in 1974 and everybody who attended the school at that time joined in the celebration. I was ten at the time and wrote a poem for my part in it all. Mrs Cox, the oldest woman in England at the time and resident of Lytchett Matravers recalled her memories as one of the first children to attend the school one hundred years today. I am still a resident of Lytchett Matravers to this day and recall those memories fondly. My poem: nine o' clock bell, nine o' bell, altogether at the nine o'clock bell, pushing, punching, kicking, altogether at the nine o' clock bell.

The Village Post Office Stores

My parents bought the shop in 1952 and ran it until about 1965, it was then a very busy, thriving business, which served many of the outlying vilages.
I was just 6 when we moved down from Wolverhampton and so had many happy years of village life.
Amongst my friends were Peter & Stuart Fricker whose parents ran Frickers Bakery. I only wish I could buy their bread today. It was the best.
Sid Sweatland & his wife (can't remember her name)ran the Railway Inn, with their three daughters, Sheila, Denise & Francis.
Regards to anyone still living there that remembers those days.

Wild Orchids Growing at Badbury Rings

c1960, Badbury Rings
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Every year I look forward to the Wimborne Folk Festival in June. After two days of busy performances I try to find time on the Sunday afternoon, of my return home, to do some local sightseeing and one of my favourite places to see is Badbury Rings. Now in the care of the National Trust it is well preserved and the size of the circular ditches is amazing - maybe some 40 feet or so. Just think how big these must have been before a couple of thousand years of erosion have taken their toll. Down in the sheltered dips between the rings you can find wild flowers and on my last visit we found orchids.

St Micheals Central Avenue

My very early childhood was spent in the childrens home, St Michaels, from 1940 - 1956. The home was run by a Miss D Dunn from 1940 - 1956. I would be happy to share memories with anyone who was there during that period.

The Auction of Col. Tyrringham's Estate

I had been transferred from Canada to UK in 1967 to work at Winfrith Heath. We lived in Willow Lodge. There was an auction of the estate of a Col. Tyrringham at his spacious home nearby. We purchased several wonderful antiques which we still have. I have often wondered who he was; there is no track I can find on the internet. Was anybody else there and can anyone tell me about the Tyrringhams of Dorset?

A Brief Time Spent at St Michael's Children's Home

Hello, I was at this children's home for a few months around Christmas time around 1947-49. I am trying to put the pieces together as to why I was sent there and what it was all about, as my family never wanted to discuss this time. I remember we went to see Old Mother Riley in pantomine and there was a older girl called Connie there at the time who tried to escape at one point with one of the other girls. If you have any information that might help me fill in the many blanks in my memory of this time I would be extremely grateful. I am so pleased even to hear that there is at least one other person who may have been around at the same time.

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