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St James Church And Bridge c1955, Swimbridge
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We were evacuated to North Molton during the Second World War, I remember going to the school and being billeted in various homes, one on the hill near a baker's shop - what lovely smells. I also remember the Lysander plane that crashed into the church, and the bullets exploding. I remember going picking blueberries on Exmoor for people from London and getting paid, and wild strawberries near a railway station, skinny dipping in the river with lads from London and girls from the village close to Swimbridge Bridge. Going shoping in South Molton Woolworths? Watching the farmer milk his cows and having milk squirted into our mouths, building dens with the local lads and playing Cowboys and Indians, listening to the planes going overhead on their way to bomb Plymouth and many more wonderful memories. To a 10 year old boy the war, even the bombing of Bristol, was a great adventure. Thank for the memories North Molton, from a boy from Knowle West, Bristol. Dennis Broad

Family Memory

St James Church And Bridge c1955, Swimbridge
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My dad was from the area and my brother was brought up in the village by my gran. I remember playing in the shallows of the river by the bridge on a hot sunny summers day. I have lost touch with my brother and would love to find him.

Devon memories

Landkey Childhood Memories

I was born at home at 2 Church Lake and had 2 older sisters, Jo and Barabara. Even as a baby they would take me off on long walks across the church yard and over to Bucky's Meadow towards Venn. Crossing the stream in flood, and crawling around the sides of the flooded quarries with them has left me with a discomfort of deep water. When I walk there now, I'm glad it hasn't changed too much, the grave yard where my cousin Phil Smale and I used to play is much the same except now some of our family are there. We used to stand beneath the tower on summer days and look straight up and it appeared the tower was falling due to the movement of the clouds. Our Granddad, Bert Smallridge who lived at Basis 2, on the main road used to walk us for miles, he could always find an owl pellet or a sleeping winter doormouse, and knew all the plants. Basis 1 was owned... Read more

Happy Days at Mill Bridge

Mill Cottages c1955, Bishops Tawton
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Hi to anyone looking at this photo, I lived just up the road at Valley Cottages and used to play by the bridge, we all sat on the bridge wall and had our photograph taken. I am on the right with wellington boots on, and my sister Jean is on the far left. The girl beside her is Ursula Edwards and the boy beside me is Colin Hutchings. I remember a Mr Handcock living in the cottage on the right and a Miss or Mrs Day living in the cottage on the left.

I have a picture postcard of this photo which was posted to my auntie in Preston in Lancashire, which years later she gave back to my mum who then gave it to me. The postcard has a 3d stamp on it which is franked by the Post Office with date of 18th Sept 1958.

Holidays in Devon at Pulrew And Tanners

My dad, Claude Harper, went to school at Herner I think, our Aunt Emma and Uncle Perce and our cousins lived at Pulrew, in the late 1930s we spent our summer holidays there. Names that come to mind are Tanners where my grandparents lived when my dad was a child in the early 1900s. I remember catching eels in the river by Chapelton down stream from the railway station, anyone have memories of that time. Tony

Growing up in Chapelton

I was born in Chapelton in 1933, my auntie and uncle and their children lived at the top of the village, and my grandmother and grandfather lived on the main road, about a quarter of a mile away towards Barnstaple. They used to serve petrol in the early 1930s but I remember them selling teas from a wooden cabin.
When it was time to go to school, I had to go to Herner, but when the Taw flooded it was impassable,so they sent me to Harracott.
I did not do much schooling there! My father's mother and father, who lived in Lake, needed taking care of in their later years, so my mother spent a lot of time there, and it was thought best that I should go to Tawstock school, the headmistress was Mrs Maude.
And during the early war years, we used to make camoufladge netting, and I remember collecting rose hips from the hedges, towards the war effort.
We had to move back to Chapelton because we... Read more


We lived at the bottom of Chapelton village, our house facing Chapelton station. When the elvers were due, Dad used to put a pillow case,at the end of a wooden clothes line post, and they swam up the river in columns, and Mother would fry them. You don't get many of them up here in the Midlands.

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