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Memories of Swinthorpe

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Lincolnshire memories


I was evacuated to Reepham from London, when the war was going on. I lived in the high street with a Mrs Tonn, and a Mr & Mrs Mason on their farm. The days of freshly made butter and milk! Farm animals as pets! I remember the tiny school so well that I attended, also the Church of St Peter & St Pauls, I went to Sunday school there. It was such a wonderfull time in my life. I left Reepham at the age of 8, to go back to my family. I did research on my old village, and it has not changed one bit in the High Sstreet, sigh! Where did all those years in between go!? I'm 73 this year and I will always have a place in my heart for those days.

My Link To Cherry Willingham

I feel connected through family,whom I have never met. My plan to visit and connect in person will depend on whether I can trace my relative. Does anyone recall Stan (Clark?) and his daughter Linda? Linda's paternal Grandmother was Emily,and paternal Great Grandma was Eliza Woodley. All from the south London area. Stan was cousin to my dad, Harold Willing, who lived in Swindon,until his death in 2006. I would be so grateful if any one can help me trace family. I also apologise if this is innapropriate use of this site, but cannot as yet, find another link. Thank you so much,in advance for any information you may have. Linda Willing

Middle Rasen Farmer Sires Two Mayors For Grimsby

My 2nd G/Grandfather, Robert Milner (1794-1870), married Mary Ann Norton on 25th April 1821 in St. Peters Church, Middle Rasen, winessed by Thomas Miller, Nicholas Danby and Frances Popple.  They had ten children, all born in Middle Rasen, and the family remained there until my grandfather Christopher Miller (1865-1937), grandson of Robert Milner, moved to Grimsby and later became Mayor of that town in the year 1912/13.   Walter Banyard Smith (1913-1993), a 2nd G/Grandson of Robert Miller, was also Mayor of Grimsby in the year 1980/81.   


Me and my sister used to go and stay in the school holidays with our great nanna, Mrs Hilda Pocklington, in her cottage at Walsbey Road, we used to love our time there. The tennis courts were out the back, and we often used to sit and watch them play tennis in the summer and often wondered whether any of them would end up at Wimbleden, or indeed ourselves - childhood dreams I guess. I also remember she had a coal shoot on the side wall and the coal man arriving and tipping it in and cleaning out the grate and re lighting the fire on cold days. I now have a fake coal fire that brings back memories. The Sellars lived over the road in their bungalow and a Lady Jessie lived next door in a big white house and a man called Jack lived next door to Nan. His house is no longer there, after being rebuilt. My nan's cottage is now almost unrecognisable due to being modernised,... Read more

Royal Air Force

Basic training days over, my first posting "Scampton" with 230 OCU. I remember having fire duty sitting beside the control tower as fighter pilots converted to bomber, the exercise being circuits and bumps with the Lincoln bomber, some of the bumps were were heavy, good job the aircraft was well built. I am proud to have served, it was a wonderful experience.

Rose Cottage.

I was born at Bardney in 1946. We moved away from the area as my Dad was a farm worker so moved to different farms. My Grandparents used to live in Rose Cottage at Bardney which in my days as a young child along with my younger brothers and sister we used come to visit and I remember having to cross a field with geese in it to get to the Cottage. We all had to sit on a long bench at the very large kitchen table just a couple of memories that stick in my mind. I dont think the cottage is there now but would love to hear if anyone else can remember it. I hope to go back to Bardney one of these days to have a good look around as I know we had a very big family connection there. Vanda Miller nee Shucksmith.

The Vaccie Years.

On June 8th 1940, just 6 weeks before my 8th birthday, I was evacuated to Fillingham where I was billeted with Mr & Mrs Cross and their daughter Violet. I had to attend church three times a week and chapel twice. At harvest time we were sent to pick potatoes and in spring we helped to sow the next crop. In winter I was sent outside to dig the weeds out from between the paving stones outside the house. It was not easy using an old dinner knife but I suppose it kept me from under the adults' feet for a few hours. The worst aspect of my stay was the onset of chilblains, the treatment for which was to bury my feet in an enamel bowl of snow. At the age of 79+ I am still not convinced. Despite this, I look back on those 21 months I stayed at Walnut Farm (though I saw no farm on our side of the garden wall) with a fondness I find puzzling. Maybe swimming... Read more

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