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Talacre During The War Years

Post Office c1960, Talacre
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The post from 2009 by (name unknown) reflects on my childhood spent in Talacre, because my father worked for Dora Williams as the baker. His bread and pies were awesome! I also, at the age of 7 or 8, had a job from the bakery, which was also a dairy. I had a pony and cart that I used to drive to a farm down near the main Chester road, where I would collect a big churn of milk and bring it back to the dairy. There I ladled milk into bottles and pressed the paper caps on. I would then drive all over the village delivering the milk. Each customer left money at the door - fourpence ha'penny a pint. If there was a jug there I would ladle the right amount of milk into it, then cover with a beaded cloth to keep the flies out. We (my brother Mike, sister Aneata-June and I) had a terrific childhood in Talacre. What a wonderful place it was... Read more

Happy Memories of Talacre

Post Office c1960, Talacre
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We caught the Rhyl A1 Crosville bus from Broughton Factory, Broughton, Chester. It seemed such a long journey in 1965. We alighted at Station Road, Talacre. I remember a small shop by the bus stop that sold Calor Gas. Then followed that long treck up Station Road to our caravan! Dad bought his first caravan from a Mr Banks from Warrrington for £75. The Willerby caravan was sited on Thomson's site, which was a small site on the road going up to the Bakehouse. It transpired that the owner of the site had to be party to a sale, and as Mr Banks had not informed Thomson, Dad was told to remove his recently acquired pride and joy! Dad was not the sort of person to be bothered by such petulance, and quickly arranged for us to move to Taylor's Camp. Mr Taylor came down with his Landrover and moved 'Brenda' (our caravan - Mum's name). As Dad said at... Read more

Cottages on Warren

Many, many, happy memories of holidays in a cottage on the Warren located next door to old Tynans (sorry if not spelt right) bakery. Waking up to the smell of pies and bread, while being sent to the stand pipe on the old dusty main road for the water. Waiting for the call of the calor gas truck, the excitement of the weeeeooooop from the loud speaker on its roof then CALLLLLOR GAS CALLLING....CALLORRRR GAS CALLIN.... The ice cold water in the rain tubs in which everything from milk to my action man was kept cool. I swear it never got warm, that water, on the hottest day. Or the vulcan bombers, drawing a black veil over the cottage and the roar of the engines sending me gran under the table (those planes were so low you could pass a cuppa to the crew as they passed over...they always dropped em off on the way back with a waggle of the wings in thanks). Remember the evenings spent... Read more

Little Village, Hidden Valley

Post Office c1960, Talacre
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My mum and her cousin have found memories of Talacre, summer 1965. They remember a small village where little people lived called the Hidden valley. All the houses were small and they remember small milk bottles on the doorsteps. I can't find anything about this on the internet, has anyone else ever seen this little town?


Post Office c1960, Talacre
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Wow Lorraine! I can't believe I have come across this site. I think it is your grandad 'tide' who I remember, as well as yourself and your mum. I hope you see this, it would be good to be in touch... Your dad was American? I remember going to cinema with you and your mum, to see 'My Fair Lady' in Prestatyn..?

Oh For The Days .

Post Office c1960, Talacre
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Hi, oh how I remember Talacre,1965 August. I was only 11 years old and my mum and dad had booked a holiday for myself, my brother and my cousin. The accomodation was like a garage with curtains and beautifuly clean inside, it was owned by a wonderful family named Mr and Mrs Travis, and was on the main road into Talacre across from Maces food shop . I think Mr Travis had his home next to the hoilday accomodation. Never had we had so many wonderful adventures, in the dunes, and picking damsons. My mum and dad are sadly gone, but my memories linger on, and I have just booked a holiday in the Point of Ayr holiday camp, to relive the best holiday I ever had. My brother John is going to join me, I only wish I knew where my cousin John was living, it would be wonderful to relive that special time. My name is Brian Scarratt, my brother is John, and my cousin was John... Read more

Returning to Talacre

Post Office c1960, Talacre
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I returned with my mother from the United States to Talacre where my grandmother lived.
My grandmother's name was Dora Williams, she lived at Beach Cottage, Station Road. Dora Williams during the Second World War owned a bakery on the Warren. After the war, she came up with the business idea of a caravan site which was constructed on the left side of Station Road before the Post Office. This was originally called MORFA HOLIDAY CAMP. After some years I worked with my grandmother and mother at the holiday camp. As a youngster I helped in either the camp shop or cafe. It was a sad time for me when I had to give up my heritage of Morfa Camp after my mother died tragically in 1975.
Yes, I have amazing memories of Talacre and the surrounding areas. I continued to grow up and be schooled in Prestatyn. I was born in Chatsworth House, Prestatyn December 1954 and have lived in Spain for 20 years now.
Wonderful memories, wonderful place,... Read more

Early Days

My parents moved to the 'hidden valley' as it was called in 1945 when I was two years old, we lived in an old coach that my father converted into a suitable place to live. We were the only family to live in the valley at the time as far as I remember. As a kid I remember the spitfires flying low along the sand dunes and turning as they past the lighthouse. After a few years other people came to live nearby but some only lived there in the summer. Eventually, more and more became permanent residents.

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