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Memories of Thackley

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West Yorkshire memories

My Dad's Shop

I always remember my dad's tuck shop in Idle, we were the end cottage on Albion Road next to the school. I was only 5 years old when we moved away but it's funny how memories, even at such a young age, stay with you. I remember walking what seemed a long way up the hill on Albion Road to go see my Uncle Fred, he wasn't my real uncle but my dad's friend, and he had a shop at the top of the hill in Idle. He would always give me some sweets and say 'Does your dad know you are up here?'. I would say yes but he didn't always know. I went to infants school but I can't remember the name of the school, only that I used to walk there which seemed a long way for little legs. It was down the hill on an estate. We had a black labrador called Bruno and because we were the end cottage we had a very small garden... Read more

1950 to 1959 at Willowfield Crescent

All good memories of growing up at 22 Willowfield Crescent , building bonfires with other kids from crescent. Going to Swainhouse school and catching a trolley bus outside the pub at Five Lane Ends. Remember the old Jowett factory which if i remember right started making tractors. I was taken to see Gunfight at the OK Corral at the picture house.

Happy Time Long Past.

Harrogate Road c1955, Greengates
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The little shop in the far right of the photo was selling a tinplate model of the Airship R101 for which I had saved up for ages.Just when I was able to buy it the airship crashed in France. I did not buy it; for in my childs mind who would have a thing that was no good. I was also a choir boy at the church for years when I lived in Meadow Road.Greengates picture house was always a temple of adventure to me in which I spent many an hour. My memories of youth this area are priceles to me.

4 Gallaway Road, Greengates

Harrogate Road c1955, Greengates
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I remember buying fish and chips in Gallaway Road, Greengates 1955+. Unknown to me at that time this fish shop used to a greengrocer's shop owned by my grandfather Lister Carter around 1935/40. My father was born at number 4 Gallaway Road in 1910, 10 yards from the fish shop (now a private home). No 4 is now a beautifully renovated stone cottage which I visited in 2005. All this only 50 yards from the great Albion Hotel/Pub, gee they must have had a great life, the old folks. And Garnets Mill down the hill near the canal and River Ayre where the oldies could earn extra money... Life wasn't easy though, I guess. They died so young then...

Not Greengates But Gods Green Acre

Harrogate Road c1955, Greengates
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I was born in Bradford 1947 and grew up at Redcar Road. I remember Glovers the newsagents on the corner of this photo and across the road in New Line just down from the Roebuck pub my mum took me on the bus every day to the nursery. My parents have now passed away but I am drawn to my birthplace and go back as often as I can to re live some of the best memories of my childhood. Alas, time moves on and the Pastry shop is gone along with Stevensons provision shop. The old picture house where I can still see my dad and I waiting in the queue to see 'The Dambusters'. My mum worked most of her life at Garnets Mill and I would walk down Apperley Bridge to meet her after school. Unless you have experienced it you cannot imagine the sight of hundreds of mill workers rushing out all at the same time when the hooter went. Just yesterday I walked along the... Read more

Greengates Was The Place to Live

Harrogate Road c1955, Greengates
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I was born in and brought up in Greengates in 1949 at Redcar Road. I have many great memories of happy times. I went to Undercliff Girls School. I remember the picture house very well and used to go to the matinee every Saturday. I also remember Glovers newsagents, we had a newspaper delivered from them every day. I used to play in the woods opposite. I remember Mrs Dawson's hut at the end of the woods where I often went for sweets, or spice as they called it. I moved away to Nottingham when I was twenty but I've always missed Greengates as that's where my roots are. My mum had MS which made life difficult and she died when I was 22. My dad was an engineer and he used to cycle to Farsley to work but had to give it up to look after my mother. My brother Keith Barrett born 1946 moved to Colne in Lancashire and my older brother Tony born 1943 emigrated to Australia... Read more

Greengates Past 1955

Harrogate Road c1955, Greengates
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The Seven Stars pub & Mr Kiplings across the road, just before the dip into Apperley Bridge.

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