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The Pludds

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Gloucestershire memories

James Cooper And Emma Baldwin

James and Emma were the parents of my maternal grandmother, Lydia Cooper, who was born in Lydbrook. If you have any information in regards to them, or my grandmother, please contact me at Thank you

Living at Wigpool After The War

I lived in Wigpool after the Second World War with my new wife and baby son. There were no proper roads to the village, just mud tracks which became impassable in the winter for vehicles. This meant we had to buy our coal in the summer and store it - if we ran out we had to burn wood. We had no bathroom and no flushing toilet. There was no running water either. We had a well a good couple of hundred yards or so down a track where we filled up our buckets and carried them back to the house. I spent months planting seed potatoes hoping to sell the crop, only for the whole lot to be eaten by sheep. I've written all my memories in a book "Dropped In It" available as a paperback and as an ebook on It wasn't all bad - the view from the hill was magnificent!

Stepping Back in Time

The Triangle c1955, Cinderford
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It started when my mother was dying, when we asked her about the family history, and she gave us names and dates. Her family came from France in late 1500. They were Hugenots and they were Puritans, and were chased out of France because of their beliefs. They went to live in Gloucester, where they helped to rebuild the church in Taynton St Lawrence. We went to visit the church and it was the most exciting thing to experience. All our early ancestors are buried down the aisle of the church. One could not be found - the last one - so when we went and spoke to a man who was writing about our ancestors (she had written a book), and they confirmed we had the right family. His name was Douglas J Parker. He wrote the story of the two churches, the old and the rebuilt one. He told us they were looking for the last to be buried there and how they came to find her.
Let... Read more

Cinderford Square

The Square 1964, Cinderford
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I was born in Cinderford in 1962 and lived there until the mid 1980s. Through my childhood the town centre around the Square (now called the Triangle!) was busy and prosperous with all sorts of shops, my favourites being Woolies for my huge Airfix collection and James (now Merretts) for comics, toys and Standard fireworks. It's sad to see the town centre run-down now, my mum and sister still live there. However I accept it was partly due to me and many friends from that generation moving away to get jobs that directly contributed towards this, Catch 22 I guess. I moved as my job at Ranks (Xerox) was in doubt, they'd just started running this main local employer down, my friends had to move to get teaching jobs. We all still have family living local though and really enjoy occasional get togethers in our old local, The Miners. The shops in the centre of this pic behind the War Memorial (still there of course) were demolished in perhaps... Read more

Boyhood Memories

I have great memories of Cinderford [Bilson Green areas] from 1953 to 1961 when I was growing up. I remember riding go-carts down the hill. My mother was born in Cinderford [Margaret Hale, married name Hancox and she worked at Rosedales]. My grandfather was Milce Hale. This is a great site that brought back memories now that I live in Lake Wales, Florida, USA. If anyone remembers my parents or myself, it would be great to hear from you. Phil

Perigrine Falcon

1985 to 2008,fantastic times for bird watchers,lots of friends made, bill williams,frank,clive, john gerwood, the boys from bristol,all the rspb wardens over the years, anne and all the staff at the log cabin,all the forestry commision men, and all the hundreds of visitors who have looked through my telescope, and several people who are no longer with us,22 years of magic may it long continue

Lion House Youth Hostel 1957

Lion House Youth Hostel c1955, Mitcheldean
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I stayed one night at this hostel in early April 1957. A friend and I had set out from our home town of Reading on a 5 night circular cycle trip - our first such trip. Mitcheldean was our second night's stop, the first being at the then Inglesham hostel north of Swindon. We then went on to hostels at Clifton-on-Teme near Worcester, Broome, Warwickshire and Charlbury, Oxfordshire before returning to Reading. We were only 14 at the time. I can remember little of the hostel at Mitcheldean but the pictures on this site strike a chord. I remember the yard and in the part of the building where we slept the two-tier bunk beds and the sheet sleeping bags we had to take to go between the blankets that were provided - the standard deal at the time. At the time of writing I have just revisited Mitcheldean for the first time since 1957. I could not recall the exact location of the... Read more

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