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Throckly Petrol Station

The Post Office c1950, Throckley
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One of the most famous of all landmarks was Curwin's garage, everyone can remember the toy dog on the roof of the garage and it had a walbottle tie /scarf wrapped round its neck ...

White City/Newburn Road.

The Post Office c1950, Throckley
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We came to live at 12 Hewley Crescent in 1950. My gran, Mrs Knight, lived on Newburn Road, at that time she only had gas lighting and cooking. She had electricity installed in 1955 for the FA Cup on TV, she had a house-full that day. I can also remember when they built the Centurion public house 1954/5. There a large gang of us who lived in Hewley Crescent at that time, the crescent was used for football, cricket and sledging in the winter. I have fond memories of the time when I lived in Throckley. I also take the name to whereever I live and call my house Throckley.

I Remember

The Post Office c1950, Throckley
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I remember going to Johnas bank and rolling Easter eggs down, also the big swing in the dean, it was called the witches swing. There was a hut at the dean entrance where the old men used to go and play dominoes and cards. There used to be overhead grabs full of coal leading from Walbottle pit to Throckley where the brickyard is now. Then there was the nudist camp up by the fell road, I don't know if it is still there now. I used to live at 3 Elem Street, that is where the old people's home is now. There was Johnny Miller who used to come round the streets with his mobile shop.

Throckley Fish Shop

The Post Office c1950, Throckley
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Throckley Fish Shop was situated next to the Post Office. It was owned by the Humble family who were really nice people and made delicious fish and chips. Eddie and I think it was his son Freddy  who worked there and kept the kids like myself hanging around in place. I'm sure I got a clip behind the ear hole a few times off Freddie, no doubt I would have deserved it. This would of been in the early 1960s, my memories of hanging around there go as far as up to when we were Mods on Scooters Lambrettas and Vespas covered in spotlights and mirrors all chromed up.
Stew and Colin McIvor, Jimmy Bolt, Charles Earl, Stew Pentland, Vic and Carl Ions were a few of the lads I remember had scooters. I still have some old photos of them outside those very shops. There was also a cafe opposite where we would hang out.
A couple of hundred metres further up was the Junior School where I went... Read more

Throckley Fells.

Can anybody remember when you walked up the fells at Throckley, half way up you passed on your right a farm or house where a girl called Cheryl Lawson lived. Straight past that and carry on to the top and turn right, on your left was a row of terraced houses and further down was an old stone cottage. There was a bus stop there, right outside that cottage. Can anyone remember what it was called? I think it belonged to the farmer just down the road on your right before you reached Callerton. It's not there anymore, it was pulled down and rebuilt as it had no electricity and had an outside toilet. I know this as my grandad and grandma lived in it and my mum and her sisters and brothers were all born there at home. I spent many days up there playing in the field behind the cottage, it was glorious up there. I just can't remember... Read more


I remember when I was a young lad, playing down Johnnas Bank, we used to play Duffers "Dares", like jumping the widest part of the burn, seeing how many friends would fit on a swing and swing across the burn, sometimes the rope snapped. And we would dare each other to sit on the Devils Chair in the Low Dean, we used to climb and sit on the flat part, and someone would say "The Devil will get you", which was very frightening at such a young age but we had a good time. We also used to play football on the top end of Johnnas Bank near where the factories are now, and also we went to the old bomb hole to get tadpoles.

Tyne and Wear memories


This would be about 1950. Radio was the in thing, me Nanna and Granda had one that was powered by an accumulator, this was a square glass jar with two elements inside connected to two terminals on the top which would fit and connect in the back of wireless. When the power ran down I would walk from Millfield to Newburn, Walkworth Crescent to be precise, where I would exchange this for a charged one (as you would do now with your car battery). This man had all kinds going on in his front parlour, he would also repair bikes and wirelesses etc. Saturday night was the night 'Dick Barton Special Agent' was on, everybody crowded around the radio for this one.
Lotto was a game that was taking a hold about now and on certain nights people would gather in certain houses to play, sitting wherever there was room. The kitchen, which also held a bath, which in turn had a hinged piece of timber over it to make... Read more

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