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Worcestershire memories

An Adventure

The Castle c1955, Upper Arley
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My sister and I, Pam and Pat Haworth, were at Arley untill it closed in 1952. This happened due to water pipes supplying the Castle burst, and it was too expensive to re place them. I do remember after this happened we were set the task of getting water from the stream in front of the Castle! I am sure my love of the countryside was fostered here. The smell of the Arbouretum in Autumn, the trees "ship" and "puddles", the later from which, was a beautiful view down to the River Severn. The sound of crows and rooks in the trees. Inside the Castle was another adventure, midnight feasts in the tower, imagining prisoners in the cellar, checking out the bats in the stables, which were strictley out of bounds. I am sure I must have done some work here, but I can't remember. My first Dormatory was "Worldsend", above the Gym, Then "York". Night times were always full of chatter, until we froze in... Read more

Schooldays at Arley Castle

I went to Arley Castle as a boarder in 1943/44. It made a lasting impression on me. The Arboretum was my favourite place and we had names for many of the trees which we would climb from time to time. Miss Kell and Miss Whitehouse were the two Headmistresses. Rules were strict and if we were naughty (talking after lights out etc) we could be given the task of peeling onions or pulling up stinging nettles in the vast grounds. I always kept a penny under my pillow to give to the Ferryman in case I wanted to run away! My dormitory was called 'Valentia' and there was also the Valential Hotel where I went for half term lunch with my parents.
My name was Pat Horwitch and I used to become homesick quite frequently. I learned the piano and because of regular practice times (outside Miss Kell's study). I actually did get a distinction of which I was very proud. I made a nostalgic visit back to Arley a... Read more

School Days at Arley Castle

I was only at Arley for 2 years but they were very happy years despite all the deprivations etc. It was the only tme in my life I suffered from chilblains! I overlapped with Marylin and I have a photo (somewhere) of her and several others standing in front of the 'Semior Rec' windows with hockey sticks. I think it must have been after an inter-house match. I also remember Beth Pope, Sheila Fillery & Janet Mills. I seem to remember that Beth also had a lovely singing voice. I remember that the 1946/47 winter was also memborable for us using all the tin trays as sledges in the snow. Joan Ward & Myrtle Williams & Ann Dennis I also remember. Joan Ward was my first Dorm Captain. They were very happy days & I was sorry to leave but life moved on. My maidne name was Atkinson.


I was amazed to see this website!I was at Arley for the whole of the Second World War. The memories that I have are happy ones and I was looking for the prospectus that I was sure I had when I thought of going online. The names leapt out at me.I too kept in touch with Millie for several years, but lost touch when she moved south. The staff that I remember were: Miss Kell and Miss Whitehouse and Misses Jones, Short, Rust, Phillis Jones, Nichols, Rosenblatt, Long. I walk too because of those early Arboretum runs or Sunday crocodile walks. I remember siestas under the lime trees, and gardening in the walled garden, climbing trees and lying under the Seven Sister beech trees to revise for exams. The tough times too.....Hot water bottles that froze on cold winter nights, then getting up to wash in freezing water in the dorm next morning. I remember sweeping classrooms before breakfast and peeling mountains of potatoes or washing up a never ending pile... Read more


We played tic off ground all over the school and grounds. The tree named the ship was a fallen beech tree on the right of the left hand path round the arbouretum. It was ideal for chasing and leaping. Not so ideal was the dormitory furniture after lights out! One night I leapt from the bed to the washstand, hit the wash bowl which broke and sliced my knee, which needed six stiches! I don't remember a trip to a doctor or a hospital and my mother never mentioned a hefty bill. I have wonderful memories of learning a musical version of 'The Pied Piper of Hamlin', does anyone remember whether it was taught by Phylis Jones or a Miss Nichols? We also performed dances through the ages in which I wore a crinoline and was partnered by someone wearing handsome dark red britches. I wonder who it was. We toasted chestnuts on the common room fire which was surounded by a guard that we sat on when we were cold (which... Read more

School Days, Arley Castle

This memory has been contributed by June Knight. I, June 'Bunny' Knight, and friend, Joan Butlin, left Cardiff by train in 1946 and spent two years at Arley School. Leaving in 1948 with our music mistress, Phyllis Jones, who at that time was also leaving for Wales. My time at Arley was remarkable and exciting; very basic living, food rationing and very cold in 1947. The Arbo was truly lovely. Names I remember are; Muriel and George Bridges, Donna Jones, Beth Pope, Janet Mills, Jeanette Stewart, 'Ja Ja' Johnson, Miss Peden and Miss Thompson. If you remember me...I would love to hear from you. My contact number is 01626-352291.

Memories of School Days at Arley

This memory is written on behalf of June knight. All my sympathies to Ja Ja's family. I have a lovely poem written in my autograph book from when we were at Arley in 1946.

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