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Merseyside memories

May 29th 1959 Voyage to Montreal

The 'Empress of England' Leaving Liverpool c1958, Liverpool
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Our family emigrated to Canada on the Empress of England in 1959. We left Liverpool on May 29th and arrived in Montreal June 6th or 7th. I was a month short of my 12th birthday and I remember thinking on the first day onboard how smooth it was. That impression lasted until we reached the western side of Ireland after which I was seasick for 6 days. Our cabin was forward and we could feel the bow of the ship slamming back down into the ocean as it rode the heavy seas. The trip up the St. Lawrence was such a welcome change. I remember seeing icebergs while at sea. I think I still have some items from the ship, a pocket knife with the ships's image on it, some drink stir sticks and possibly a pennant. I also have our trunks used to transport our possessions. One of them has the Canadian Pacific identification stickers on it with our names, voyage date, destination and room number: A-31. I... Read more

Growing up in Kirkdale

I was one year old when we moved to Kirkdale, that was 1956, we moved to 82 Brasenose Road from Huyton with Roby so all my childhood memories were about growing up in Kirkdale. We had nothing but we were happy. There was six of us, we all slept in one bed, top and tail, but everyone in our road was the same. We never had a bathroom, just an outside toilet that looked like a shrine becuase we had that many candles in there. Every Saturday night all the mams and dads went out and would come home either fighting or singing. There was one feller who was about 60 and dead skinny and every Saturday night he would come home from the alehouse singing, and everyone called him 'the singing skull'. The feller over the road was the bell puller in St Paul's Church every Sunday, he was called 'Shacky Bob', haha. Every lamp in our road was bent because we were always swinging on them haha.... Read more

Bodley Street.

I grew up in Bodley Street (L4) from 1960-1970. There was a Welsh church at the top of the street and on the walls of said church we played '2 balls'! I would love to have the name of the church, should anyone remember it. My nan and grandad, Albert and Elizabeth Coy, shared the wall and every Sunday were blessed with the sounds of the Welsh congregation singing their hearts out. So we annoyed them by playing with the balls! The street seemed so big when I was a child, the church and my nan's house no longer stands, so walking down it now it's much smaller. In the hot summer of 1967, it took forever to walk up! If there are any old residences reading this, I would love to hear from you. After living in Maghull for nearly 40 years I'm now back in Walton. Stanley Park is now once again my walk on Sundays!

Receiving My Certificate

St George's Hall c1881, Liverpool
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I attended a presentation at St George's Hall as a youngster, where I received a beautiful certificate in recognition of an essay I had written. I have no idea what I wrote about but since the RSPCA awarded the certificate, then I assume it must have been about animals.
As a very shy, not-at-all-confident child, I remember nervously waiting and waiting for that moment to come. At last, I climbed the few stairs alongside the stage and as I stepped forward onto the old wooden stage I immediately tripped and went sprawling at the feet of the adults seated there. I lived to tell the tale but didn't think I ever would!

When I Was A Child

Garston, Holmefield Road From Booker Avenue c1955, Liverpool
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I can clearly remember pushing my doll's pram up to the shops with my Mother from our home in South Mossley Hill Road.  I was always fascinated by the overhead cash delivery system in the Co-op shops.  
The very end shop was the Co-op selling haberdashery and shoes, I think that was where my love for shoes was born!
A cake shop called Wallers was next door, another favourite place of mine!
The Co-op food shop was very exciting as we did not frequent this very often with my Father being a shopkeeper himself - buying groceries from there was strictly forbidden. Happy Days!!!!

The Liver Buildings

The Royal Liver Building c1955, Liverpool
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This Building and its giant clock was the only way to know the time of day (no watches!) and the tram-car home left the pier-head by this clock and got us home for tea - costing 1d (penny) for a return.
You could see this clock coming in from the New Brighton Ferry, and work out what tram you would be on!!

The Law Courts

The Royal Liver Building c1955, Liverpool
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I remember Dale Street, on the right was the place where single mothers had to go to collect their benefit from the father of their child/ren, as ruled by the courts order!! Further along Dale Street you could cut up  Moorfield to Tithe Barn Street to the Stadium to watch either wrestling on a Thursday night or boxing on a Friday.

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