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Newry Beach Holyhead

Though I still live in Holyhead and have travelled to many places in the world, I still find the Newry Beach area of Holyhead holds a special place in my heart, from when I was a child and used to look out of my classroom window waiting for the bell to ring so I could get down to the Mckenzie pier on summer days or play in the little paddling pool or sunken gardens. I sometimes go jogging along the cinder path early in the mornings, and still get a buzz when I see a high tide on the Mckenzie pier.

Many happy summers where spent at Newry, and I'm delighted to say that my 2 children also played there as they grew up. I couldn't believe it when they tried making the pier unaccessible to the public - what!! It's a right of passage for kids from all over the town to jump off the Mckenzie.

I used to stay with my nan who still lives on... Read more

Happiest Days of My Life in Valley 1

I am now 52 years of age and hanker after village life after 30 odd years in a city!!. Why? Because in 1960 my parents moved to Valley from Manchester and I started in Valley C.P. Schools soon afterwards. I grew up in the village joining St Michael's choir in the 60s and early 70s and moved away seeking 'excitement'.
I joined the Police in Manchester!
Sometimes I wish I had stayed in Valley. I do know what's going on in relation to youth nuisance and crime etc in the village but it is nothing compared to what others put up with! I am happily married with two grown up children and we all love coming home to Valley.
We all enjoy the combination of visitors and local people mixing. Just stand outside Spar and watch everyone. That atmosphere does NOT exist in a city.
So value it, keep it and develop it.
David Jones, formerly Tan-y-Bryn  

Memories of Gwynedd

Life in The Village

c1960, Llanfachraeth
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Was wonderful to see this postcard, as I was a child of 7 living in the village, when the photo.was taken. When we moved to the village in 1954 there was no electricity, water was from the village pump and people used chemical or earth closets. In 1960, there was mains water and electricity but no proper sanitation. I have wonderful memories of living in the village, playing in the fields and having easy access to the beach. I have visited the village quite a few times in the past 10 years and have met up with old child hood friends.

Looking For Family

I am trying to carry out a family tree with the surname Jones, it is difficult! I know there was an Elizabeth who went to Wrexham for a time. I do not know whether she returned home and would like to know more about her and her family. Anyone out there - I believe I was named after her. I wonder if there are any family members still living there and what happened to Elizabeth.


We moved to the village in 1967 and lived in Garden Lane and Plas Maen. I have fond memories of the old school and childrens clubs in the village hall. I well remember when the fish and chip shop first opened in the village and people came from far and wide, not only for the chips but to stare at Jimmy the owner because he was the first coloured man that they had ever seen!

Fond Memories When Living at Llewelyn Lodge

My family moved to Bodedern in the mid 50's & I have many fond memories. My father was the minister at Gilgal & I attended the local village school then Holyhead County School. Our headteacher at the local school was Mr Jones & at Holyhead, Mr Trevor Lovett. The village was a friendly place to live in & I had many friends; Selwyn Roberts, Gareth Jones, Evan Evans, Llew & Derek Griffiths, John Owen and Arthur Williams. We enjoyed each others company playing football, cricket, cycling around the islands or making music in a small house down Loan Gefn. It was great to see John & Gareth recently. We had great times together, some times very wild. My heart will always be in Bodedern & my memories will never disappear.

Learning to Cycle.

The Promenade c1946, Holyhead
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I learnt to cycle on this promenade in 1948 and then had many happy hours on my bike exploring Holy Island and the west side of Anglesey. The photo is prior to 1948 as the tall funnelled Trinity House Tender "Beacon" shown top right was replaced by the "Argus" in that year. Thank you for this information - we will change our date to c1946 - Editor

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