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Memories of Wattstown

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Mid Glamorgan memories

Search Light And ac ac Gun in The Avenue, Pontygwaith

I remember this because my grandfather was in the Home Guard. I lived in No 8 Margaret Street, anyone one that knows me please get in touch.


I was evacuated to Ynyshir during the last war. My two sisters and I were looked after by the wonderful Gladys ,William and son Royston Rowley family at 11 Wind Street.

Could not have wished for a lovelier family.

I went to the local school and attended the Methodist Church regularly.

Remember sheep waking down the mountain, crossing railway at bottom of Wind Street and walking freely along the roads.

Used to walk up mountain with my friend Peggy eating winberries and drinking water from stream.

How lucky I was to escape the bombings in London for such a peaceful life in Ynyshir.
Would be great if someone somewhere could remember me or my sister Doreen.

My thanks to all

Joan (nee Herbert)

My Memories of Llanwonno

We would walk over the mountain, over what we called the racecourse into the forestry from Heath Terrace, Ynyshir to LLanwonno, the best part, I suppose, 4/5 miles walking. Usually on a Sunday, us boys together. I was always fascinated by a row of houses/cottages standing next to the church. The houses had been abandoned and left empty. One day the same properties had been demolished. I wondered who lived in that row of homes in the middle of nowhere? Because LLanwonno was in the middle of nowhere, a church and the pub - that's your lot. I was even too young for a refreshing pint - but us boys were happy when we arrived at Llanwonno and promptly turned around and returned home to Ynyshir. Long walks and great memories of my youth.


Brithweunydd Road c1965, Trealaw
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The two shops on the left of the photograph are "James the Bakers" and "Shureys Footwear". The garage also on the left was called "Sully's Garage" after the owner Cyril Sully. I used to walk along this road everyday when going to Porth Grammar School in the 1960's. The photograph brings back fond memories of my childhood in Trealaw.
Robert O'Flaherty


Garth Park c1965, Trealaw
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During the 1960's as a youth, I walked my two Great Dane dogs at Garth Park, Trealaw almost every day. The park-keeper in the 60's was called "Jock" a Scotsman with a very broad accent. I also played football every Saturday morning at Garth Park for Maes Yr Haf boys club. The swimming pool in the picture was to the best of my recollection mostly closed for some reason or another and always in a bad state of repair.
Robert O'Flaherty


Cemetery Road c1965, Trealaw
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The premises in the photograph is now known as the Res or Resurection Club (It is opposite the local cemetery). This is in Cemetery Road leading into Brithwaunydd Road.
Robert O'Flaherty

Swimming at Garth Park "duck Pond"

Garth Park c1965, Trealaw
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We paid a penny to enter the baths for a 1 hour session. On hot summer days we had to queue to get in. When our hour was up we would go out and pay to go back in. I think they changed the water weekly!!!! I spent hundreds of hours in Garth Park.

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