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Norfolk memories

Delivering Coal

When I would visit as a child, my grandad Cub Kirby would take me on his coal route with him and buy candy at the shops. Very good memories. John Erickson, Independence Mo., U.S.A.

Coal Deliveries

As a child I would deliver coal with my grandad Cub Kirby in Wretton, Stoke Ferry. Very good memories, John Erickson.

Searching For my Roots And my English Relatives

All I had was a plate to start with, and on it was the name of Stoke Ferry. When I visited my son when he was living in Cambridge I determined to go and visit the village. While there, the editor of a local paper took my information and I met the man who ran the English garage, but was unable to locate my relatives. Sadly, I had to leave. It would have meant so much to me to connect with them. Upon returning home, I began to do some genealogical research and discovered that my grandfather John English and my grandmother Dorothea Redfern had indeed, come from Stoke Ferry. I subsequently discovered a book written about Stoke Ferry and discovered a picture of my great grandfather and his 15 children. How I wish I could connect with some of my English relatives. I walked the streets of Stoke Ferry and felt something that cannot be described - accompanied by a sense... Read more

Life in The Country

All Saints Church c1960, Hilgay
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I was stationed in the USAF at RAF Lakenheath. I resided at Church View, Church Road with my wife, 3 daughters, and our 3 Shelties. My oldest daughter Cindy learned to ring bells at the church and was sweet on a local boy, Robert Pepper, who was killed early in life on a motorcycle. My den turned into a local gathering place for the teens in the village and I thoroughly enjoyed my tour, the people in the town and the wonderful view of the church from our front gardens. I will always cherish the memorys of the English countryside and the Fens.

Cindy And Family .... And The Lovely Robert

All Saints Church c1960, Hilgay
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I remember you all living in the Ferguson's house ... Cindy brought us candy from the base and we would all congregate on the playing field. Robert was such a lovely guy - I still keep a picture of him in my kitchen, and have a t-shirt that he wrote on - it was such a loss when he died ... His sister Le'anne is still around, his brother Reuben still lives in Hilgay - and named his son after Robert. His brother Frank lives in Southery. It's nice that you still remember him, I will tell Le'anne when I see her, she will be pleased. Hope you are all well.

Born in Hilgay

The Village c1955, Hilgay
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I was born in 1937 and lived in Hilgay until 1949. I think I had an idyllic early childhood living in Hilgay. So many memories of swimming in the river in summer. Shopping for a new dress at "Auntie" Barbara Dent's little shop to wear on a school trip--it was a deep pink! Piano lessons at Mrs. Kisby's at Manby House. Walking down to Uncle Algy' Palmer's Fish and Chip shop. Mrs. Simonds teaching Sunday school at the school and receiving a picture stamp for attending--I still have my books. Looking around the churchyard graves at my granddad Palmer's grave and being so impressed because it was completely covered in black marble. Then finding my grandma and granddad Green's graves. Rumour was if you stuck a pin in the church door, ran around the building 3 times a ghost would come out. We never made it to the 3rd round! Walking across the street to the school canteen. Sorting out and receiving used coats... Read more

Living in Hilgay

Hi, My father was in the airforce and we stayed at Hilgay for about 12 months.. I don`t remember much about the stay but I remember we lived next door to Dents, it was a transport company, I also remember going to school, and I have some photos somewhere of a sports day at the school..Sorry I can`t help with more memories.
I now live in Western Australia and happened to find this site while looking around places I have been to.. If I do find th Pics I will send them to you..
All the best.. Peter..

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