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Marriage to A Village Girl

Village Stores c1955, West End
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My name is Tony Baker and I'm the unofficial (and unpaid) family historian for our family. One of my mother's brothers was Edward Barber was born in Gosport, he lost a leg in WW1, and eventually married a girl from West End, it is thought late 50s or early 60s but this detail is a bit vague. It is also thought they had 1 child. He used to get about in a wickerwork basket invalid trike. The lady in question was a daughter of the then owners of the village shop, he kept a smallholding with pigs which he used to take or send to market from time to time. I'd be grateful if anybody seeing this has any memories of Edward Barber, he may have been known as Teddy or Ted. I would dearly like to add a bit more information to our tree. Many thanks for listening and I look forward to hearing at some time in the future. Tony Baker, Bristol.

I Lived Here

The Wheatsheaf c1955, West End
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My mum and dad and my grandparents owned this pub from about 1960 thru to 1964. I was 2 yrs old and quite clearly remember the layout of the living accommodation - the fact that my bedroom was over the public bar (!), and that my grandad used to lay all the fires throughout the bars and the living accommodation every single morning in the winter. The garden was wonderful with a HUGE apple tree not far from the back door of the kitchen. Wonderful memories, especially now that both my grandparents and parents are no more.

Growing up in Westend in The 70s And 80s

Hare And Hounds c1955, West End
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I was born in 1965 and grew up in Westend.  I moved  to America in 1988 and have only been back to visit once since then back in 1989/90.  I can't really imagine how much the village has changed since then.  I've seen photos and pics on the internet.  I was hoping that somethings haven't changed like the common, up there on New England hill and down in the dips were we as kids used to have sausage sizzles with the cub scouts.  I was hoping the ford down there in Pennypot is still there where my mates and I used to ride our bikes to and wade in the water.  I was hoping the rec is still there.  My grannie's flat looks over it from the end of  Meadow Way.  I used to live in Malthouse Lane and have fond memories of all the people there and all the people I went to school with back then.  I wonder if anyone remembers me at all?  I know some people... Read more

I Lived Here

The Wheatsheaf c1955, West End
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I moved to West End in 1966. My family owned the Wheatsheaf from 1964 until about 1967 and my auntie still lived in West End so I often visit.
I was 11 in 1964 and my earliest memory of the village was seeing the Gordon Boys walking around the village in their uniforms of tartan trousers. navy military style tunics and little hats . They looked wonderful.
The village was always friendly and  I used to ride my bike or walk all over the place. I loved the smell of Fellowes Nursery(sadly now a housing estate) in the spring and the common full of heather & gorse.  It still is a nice village but has grown far too big!

Mid Eighties

Hare And Hounds c1955, West End
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From early 1984 to March 1987 I had the pleasure of being the Landlady of this public house. Many good times (some bad), many lovely customers, some of whom became friends and not forgetting all the people who came to work there to help behind the bar, in the kitchen etc. We celebrated the 40th anniversary of 'D Day' there with fancy dress in period costume, and received a lot of help from the military who as a 'training exercise' put sandbags & camouflage netting around the front of the pub, also held a 'Burns Night' party with a piper in full dress to pipe in the haggis, again a local military man, all great fun. Went back about 4 years ago & was sad to see half the garden now had houses built on. Times they are a changin (always). We nicknamed it 'the Inn on the green' as it faces onto what years ago, probably prior to the 1939-45 war, was the village... Read more

I Used to Walk to Benham Stores in my Mothers High Heels Pushing my Cat in A Pram !

I was born and bred in West End. My family the Streets go back to 1850 and ran Heathermead Nursery.

What a wonderful village and has barely changed at all.

There Must be People Still There

Whatever happened to all the guys and gals I went to school with?? Born 1965, I went to Tringham and Westend Middle School, Winston Churchill and graduated in 1982. I'm Andy Barnett, formerly of Malthouse Lane. I used to know nearly everyone around the village. Surely there's people who have been to this site who remember me. I left for the United States back in 1988. The working mens club, Wheatsheaf and everyone who used the Hare and Hounds from 1984 to date should know me. I'm interested in catching up with anyone who would care to reply, email me at

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