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Coal Shortage

During the war we lived at 4 Sunnyside Terrace. At one point during 1942 Mr Chaffey, the coalman, could not deliver coal because his horse and cart could not get up the hill because of ice and snow. We were rapidly running out of coal. I suggested to my mother that I go up the hill in the middle of the night and cut one of the trees down that were growing in the copse. I did this and sawed the tree in sections and cut them into logs throughout the night. Within a few nights most of the trees had been cut down by other resourceful people. Another memory of Lulworth was playing in the 1914/18 tanks on the ranges. I was somewhat surprised to find that one man's job was to change the gears.

Silver Jubilee Parade 1935

I remember well the parade through the village on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee.
My mother and several other mothers dressed six of us young boys as toy soldiers and we had to march in the parade.  However, the best thing in the parade that I can remember was a model of the Queen Mary.  It was loaded over a car.  You could not see the car, only the majestic liner floating through the village.  It was a wonderful occasion for the children of the village for we had a party that evening in the Parish Hall and everyone was presented with a mug to commemorate the occasion.
At the time my family lived at 19 West Lulworth just opposite the War Memorial.
We were Church of England but my mother insisted on sending us to the Roman Catholic School in East Lulworth.  She had heard the Miss Yarnitsky was the best teacher in Dorset and that was enough for her.  On days that my sister and I missed... Read more

West Lulworth Church

Holy Trinity Church, Interior 1904, West Lulworth
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I was a member of the choir. In the 1930's and throughout the war years the church would be packed for the morning service every Sunday.
As a child I used to look forward to the Magic Lantern shows put on by the vicar Mr Sharpe.  These occurred after Evensong.  The Catholics of the village came in after the sevice and were welcome to see the presentation.  Mr Sharpe had been a missionary at some time in his life and must have been a keen photographer.  Everyone must have enjoyed his presentations as there was always a good crowd in attendance.
Mrs Ironmonger played the organ and we choir boys took turns pumping the organ.
Some years ago when visiting from Canada I noticed that the vestry had been
vandalised and that the beautiful window over the alter had been smashed.
I believe that it has been repaired.
During the war years the army attended Sunday morning services and the military band played during the singing of the hymns. The... Read more

Two Unusual Events.

The first unusual event that I remember was when the tide went out so far that it was possible to walk all the way across the cove; it was also possible to walk out to the two points of the cove. Secondly was when three steamers were anchored at Lulworth at the same time, one was the Empress and another the Victoria but I do not remember the name of the third.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a magical time at Lulworth. As a member of the choir I remember how we went around the village singing carols. There was no electricity in most of the village at the time and most cottages used lamps and candles. The church was lit by candles and was a lovely sight in the evenings.

The Castle Inn

My aunt Dorothy Whitlock was a collector of seashells and black sand. When you enter the Castle Inn you may notice on your left hand side the mural created by her of shells and black sand. I myself now collect shells mainly from Sanibel Island in Florida and use them with a combination of calligraphy to create pictures.

Collecting Soft Fruit in The Retreat House Garden.

As a child I remember collecting loganberries, raspberries, strawberries and gooseberries in the garden at the back of the house. My mother used to make them into jam which would last throughout the winter months. We had 5 childrens ration books and one adult so my mother had plenty of sugar to make the jam. During the evacuation of the army from Dunkirk my mother would make cakes and jam tarts for the men who for some reason found themselves at Lulworth. Ironically, my father was a survivor of the troopship Lancastria which was the greatest loss of life ever suffered by the British Army.

New Years Day

I remember one New Year's Day just before the war. There was an annual football match between the Lobsters and the Shrimps. The Lobsters were the older fishermen and the Shrimps their sons and their friends. My father was the manager of the N.A.A.F.I at Lulworth Camp and had to do some work early in the morning. On the way home he happened to come to watch the football match. As soon as some of the older fishermen saw him they pressed him to play. Well, play he did. It was a very muddy pitch and I well remember how upset my mother was when she saw him when we returned home. The games were always played in a field at the bottom of Sunnyside, owned at the time by the Yates family.

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