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Weston Point

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Memories of Weston Point

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Cheshire memories

Building The Bridge

The Bridge c1965, Runcorn
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I was sat in my classroom at the parish school in church street and I had just put away my plastic counters after a hard maths lesson ,I was only 5 ( and 1+1 was very hard)my teachers name was mrs oats she was lovely and as I sat gazing out of the window I noticed this huge construction being built in the distance ,I asked my dad when I got home that evening what it was , now , as we traveled on the transporter bridge every saturday to visit my grandparents in simms cross Widnes this was of great concern to me and dad explained as best he could to a 5yr old what it was and that we would have to walk over it instead of using the transporter The next day in school I noticed the big arch hovering in the sky and I cried my eyes out . The teacher called for my parents to take me home as I was inconsolable, when... Read more

ICI Recreation Club And Grounds

Weston Point c1955, Runcorn
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When I look at this photo it brings back happy memories of when the club was a hive of activity of bowling greens, tennis courts, football pitches (middle of photo).
As a young girl growing up in Weston Point I always looked forward to the Annual Rose Fete Shows, that were laid on by ICI. Every Thursday evening we would attend the ICI Club and Mr Dunning and our next door neighbour Mrs Rees would take us through our routine around the room, until we were perfect for the day of the show, and Mrs Bellfield on the piano (I was carrying the train for the queen along with six other young girls). When the day finally arrived the field was full of stalls, all the locals came along, the band was playing, the air was full of laughter, the smell of hot dogs, candy floss, and we never seemed to have rain. We would take our places at the top of the field by the white gates, the band... Read more

Oh Happy Days

Runcorn Hill 1923, Runcorn
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Yes I remember spending most of our (my brother John and I) summer holidays playing on Runcorn Hills. Both parents worked and so most mornings, weather permitting, we would head off to the hills from our home in Weston Village, armed with a bottle of water and usually a jam butty and an apple. We would spend the day there, often meeting up with other kids who were on a similar day out. One very powerful memory that I have is the smell of the ferns that grew in abundance on the hills amongst which we hid and built our "dens", the smell of the ferns has lived with me since those days to the extent that I have many of them in my own garden due to the nostalgia that they generate. On those hills I was John Wayne, Davy Crockett, Cochise, Geronimo and Billy the Kid, all heroes from the many black and white films that we had seen on the screens of the Scala and... Read more

Parish School Sports Day

The Locks c1955, Runcorn
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when I was 9yrs old my 1st memories of top locks were very frightening. We had our sports days on the fields in picow farm road which are still there today, but with the parish school being in Church street we had to walk up ashridge street and along top locks and walk across the very narrow lock gates to the other side to reach the field .When you looked down off the gates it was a very very long way down especially when you are only 9 and the boys in my class wre very boistrous pushing and shoving and trying to be king of the castle so I used to hang back to the end ,I wasn,t going in that lock for anyone .

Cemetary on Greenway Rd

Cemetery 1894, Runcorn
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Resting place of Mary Myers, wife of Arthur of Sandy Lane, Weston Point.

Runcorn Hill on A Summer's Day

Runcorn Hill 1923, Runcorn
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Runcorn Hill was a wild place when I knew it back in the early 1960s. I remember even now the smell of the trees and the shade they brought on hot summer days. Yes, we had them back then, when spring came after winter and summer followed on, before autumn reminded us it was time to prepare for winter again. As a child I loved going "up the hill" to play, even on my own. We didn't worry about what might happen to us; we believed if anything did go wrong we could call on a nearby adult for help. Innocent days! The park wasn't far away, with its bandstand and tennis courts. Go the other way off the hill on Highlands Rd and there was the paddling pool not far from the swings and big slide. Well, it felt big to a kid 6 or 7yrs old. Sadly it wasn't long before we were banned from the pool due to vandals throwing glass bottles in for a laugh. But... Read more

Ferry Hut

The Two Bridges 1929, Runcorn
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The year is a guess, but I have fond memories of playing in the sand at Ferry Hut, waiting for my dad to go by on his tug boat, when the Manchester ship canal was in its heyday. He would wave to me my sister and mum. The tugs I remember was the Bison/Quarry/Panther, they were all stern tugs used to steer the big ships that went from Eastham to Salford docks and back again. I remember the big boys that would hold on to the Transporter as it carried cars across the canal, they would drop into the canal before the wall and swim back to the side and climb up to wait for the next go, I don't know if other people called it Ferry Hut but just over those railings was a patch of sand, that's the nearest I got to a beach in those days. The moments that stay embedded in your mind forever.  

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