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Old Swimming Pool

View From Swimming Pool c1960, Weston-Super-Mare
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What was the old swimming pool called?

I Lived Here.

Oriel Terrace And St John's Church 1887, Weston-Super-Mare
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There are three attic rooms and I had a flat in the first one. This was around 1972. The windows on the other side gave a view of the Technical College, but you could see the sea (if the tide was in).

The Figure of Eight

The Grand Pier c1955, Weston-Super-Mare
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I remember riding on an old wooden rollercoaster inside the pavilion on the Grand Pier in 1962 or 1963 called The Figure of Eight. I was around about 6 years old and the next time I went to Weston, probably the following year, the ride was gone. Now I can't find out anything about the ride and it is as if it never existed. What happened to it and why no photos or info now?

Childhood in Weston-Super-Mare

I was born at Kewstoke Maternity Hospital (now a private hospital) in 1945. I attended Locking Rd Primary School. I lived in Ashcombe Rd and could hear the steam trains shunting throughout the night. My parents were Salvationists and we would attend beach meetings on the sands near the Grand Pier. In the summer there would be racing along the sea front. One week would be cycle races, then motorcycle races. I remember that occasionally a motor cycle would catch fire and it would be extinguished by the fire brigade. Sometimes the RAF would tow some planes onto the sea front as a recruiting exhibition. I remember sitting in the cockpit of a Meteor jet. The old pier was a favourite venue with the paddle boats arriving from Wales. Another favourite outing was swimming at the Knightstone Baths (sea water). Also at Knightstone we attended pantomimes at Christmas.

Avon memories

Childhood in The 1950s

Life for a child in the village of Worle in the 1950s was exciting, parochial and safe. Our parents did not lose sleep over thoughts of us being molested. Children were more likely to be in danger from their own recklessness than anything else, and so our parents were able to allow us freedom to roam happily. My great friends, Kaye, Mim and I had a wonderful time. As Kaye remarked, at my 50th birthday party, we laughed, ran, sang and climbed our way through childhood. My first introduction to the wider world of play was through the boys and girls in the lane and in Greenwood Road. A crowd of about twelve of us set off each summer evening to Tripp's Field, which could be approached via a stile opposite the Golden Lion pub. The Tripp family owned the local farm and actually had four fields, each one separated from the others by a rhyne (the Somerset name for a drainage ditch) and joined by a little stone-built, arched... Read more


Does anyone know of a home called Sunnyside or Sunny Side in Bleadon?

A brother of a family member died there in 1900 aged 20.

His family were very wealthy and lived in Mayfair, but the son had TB and I assume came to Bleadon for this reason. A sister also died from TB in the same year, but not sure about the Sunnyside connection there.

Happy Childhood Memories..

I have very fond memories of living in Winscombe as a child, in fact they were some of the best years of my life. I was living in Yadley Lane, and loved to take walks up the old railway line which ran past our house, in fact we had an access slope from the garden which was quite handy! I remember picking primroses, huge bunches from beside the stream, a beautiful scent that always reminds me of my childhood in Winscombe. I also remember toboganning down Hillyfields on a tray when we had those huge snow drifts, it was freezing but brilliant fun, I've not experienced snow like it since and doubt now I ever will. I also remember the sirens going off at the local fire station when we were living in Homestead Way, we'd rush down to the station and watch the fire engines zooming off, it all seemed so exciting! I have lovely memories of my time in Mendip Vale Players, all the rehearsals, making of costumes... Read more

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