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North Yorkshire memories

Crambe Railway Station + Pearsons, Bielbys Etc

Moule's 1850 map marks a 'Crambe railway station', where the level crossing now is. This is probably the same as 'Howsham railway station', allegedly built and used for a short period by George Hudson. I'd like to know the truth on this. I have quite a lot of info about Crambe 1820s-1850s (incl. complete census downloads) but would like to learn from others interested in this area.

Crambe in The Early 50,S

My fathers side of the family (Wood) lived at Low Moor Crambe according to the Census, which is where I presume I spent a couple of holidays in the early 50' probably 52 or 53 just after my Grandfather died and before my step Grandmother moved to Whitwell on the Hill. The house was situated at the end of a village on a lane which goes down to the Railway at Barton Le Willows. This was an ideal place for a holiday as a child with a beck and ford closeby. Treat of the week was when a bakers delivery van called and I experienced my first cream cake. I don't remember alot more as I was only 4 or 5 at the time and with no relatives that I know of (though I'm sure there must be some), still living in the area. I have only been back once to look for the unmarked grave of grandfather Thomas Henry Wood (I think) died about 1951, and true grandmother Mary Emily... Read more

The West Family

Research into my family history took me and my father to the beautiful villages of Bulmer and Eddlethorpe. It was a very moving experience to see my great-great-great-grandfather's headstone, William West, who my own father is named after. He was a schoolmaster in Bulmer and was originally from Eddlethorpe. I believe his father may also have been a schoolmaster in Eddlethorpe. I would dearly love to trace any living relatives or know more about the West family.

Happy Days at Kirkham Abbey

I lived at Kirkham Abbey in a little bungalow called Sunny Side. It is no longer there now as it was pulled down. It was situated where the carpark now is for The Stone Trough. My mother and father in law lived in The Bungalows. He, Ernest James Cook, was the butler for Mrs Brotherton at Kirkham Hall. Mr Robert Hall and his wife lived and farmed there and Mr Eric Batty was station master and lived in the railway cottages. The Stone Trough wasn't a pubin those days, it was the home of Ernest Hepton. He had a garage at Whitwell on the hill. Long before I was married I used to spend a lot of time with Anne Cook who was to be come my sister in law. As children we used to play in the grounds of the abbey ruins (after the man had gone home) We swam in the river and fished in the cut and walked in the fields and... Read more

Grandparents in Service at Kirkham Hall

Both my grandparents were in service at Kirkham Hall in the 1920s and 30s. My Grandma, Annie Morris, originally from Newcastle, joined her Aunt Annie (who was cook) there when she was in her teens and started as a scullery maid and later progressed to work "upstairs". My Grandad, Albert French, came orginally from the Yorkshire Dales, and worked at the Hall as a footman. His brother was also a footman at the Hall. We have a photograph of Grandad and other staff from the Hall holding a wreath that we think was for Lord Brotherton's funeral, maybe in the early 1930s. Grandma and Grandad met at Kirkham Hall in the early 1930s and although she then worked elsewhere, they married in 1938, living first in Welburn and then, for many years in Whitwell-on-the-Hill. Grandma ran the post office there and Grandad was the postman. One very cold winter in the late 1940s Grandad broke his hip falling off his bike in the snow on Kirkham Bank, waiting many hours... Read more


My grandfather, Henry French, was the gamekeeper at Kirkham Hall. He lived at Whitwell-on-the Hill and I spent many good times with him. My uncle, Albert, was the postman at Whitwell and my father worked on the railway at Richmond, N.Yorkshire. He had also another brother and sister, I think the brother was called Walter French, he worked in the woods but died of cancer in the middle of the 1950's. Albert French had just one eye as I can remember, and his sister Mary used to be a cook at Whitwell Hall from what I can remember. My mother and father lived at Catterick Bridge Station where I grew up. It would be nice if anybody could let me know if they knew my grandfather. I live in Denmark, as I moved when I was 18 - I am now 70. Hope to hear

Halls at Kirkham


It was Frith's photos, but I'd given up!

Lovely to make contact.
Mum's brother was Lawrence Scurry, who married Myra's sister Louie. I was only a few months old when I first visited Kirkham in 1949 and Uncle Lawrence and Aunty Louie had the corrugated iron bungalow halfway up the hill. Uncle Lawrence made a crib for me.
Uncle Lawrence was Head Gardener for Mrs Brotherton, and Ernest Hepton was his under gardener. I expect you've been to the trough in which was where the Heptons lived.
Uncle Lawrence was always taking about the Cooks who had the bungalow in the gardens, I think. Was he or she the cook for Brothertons?

I knew Madge and Myra particularly because she ran the shop in the farm and sold Tate Smiths fizzy pop and crisps. I used to walk Uncle Lawrence's dog "Asso" down to the farm to get... Read more

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