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Gloucestershire memories

Ancestry Harman Family

Bowbridge And Butter Row 1900, Stroud
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The Harman family lived in "The Fields" on the Description of Emumeration District, listed on the 1851 census. "The Fields" was listed between Bowbridge Lane and the "Middle of Strouds Hill".

Old Pike House

Butter Row, The Old Pike House 1925, Stroud
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My ancestor Henry Fisher lived here according to the 1881 census with his wife Amelia and their 10 children! He was a maltster, so I will have to research breweries.

22 Church Street

Old Almshouses 1925, Stroud
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I lived at 22 Church Street until 1963. My family moved from there in November 1963 as the property was being demolished to make way for a car park! I remember watching from the bedroom window a huge fire which burnt down the Gaumont Cinema.

Can You Help?

Boot Repairer 1925, Stroud
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I am looking for some further information regarding my family history in Stroud. This is all a stab in the dark! I am led to believe that my grandfather (Raymond Frederick Spencer), owned a bootmaking business either in 'Acre Street' located on the corner adjacent to Castle Street where they lived (No.1), or the business could have been located elsewhere in the centre of town?

The Subs

The Subscription Rooms c1955, Stroud
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I lived in the Rifleman's in Slad in 1959 and joined the Para's in 1961, I think my father sold the Rifleman's in 62? The Sub's was our local Stroud gang hangout for the weekend dance well...not exactly the dance. It was well known for the massive punch up's between the Stroud boys and various groups from Gloucester, Cheltenham etc. There was two cafe's that we would hang out in one just opposite the Subs and one...sorry cannot remember. I have been in Australia for nearly fifty years and my memory is fading. I worked at the Maypole as a grocery boy However, the Subs will live long in my memory especially Wendy Wade my girlfriend, until I joined the Army...such is life. I have visited Stroud a couple of times since and was depressed at the seemingly deserted little town that was once a hubbub of fun. I changed my name it was originally Streeter.

Rodborough House?

I was sent to a childrens' home in Stroud in 1955/6 and left in 1959 as my mother had TB of the lung and was in the nearby Standish Hospital. I have quite a few memories of this home - not all of them good!
I am not sure whether the home was called Rodborough or Roxborough house but it was situated on the edge of Rodborough Common and there was an infants/junior school at the end of the drive.
I would love to know more about the home; who had previously owned it, when did it become a childrens home etc etc?
If there are photographs available - I would appreciate that too - I remember a very large garden with a large paddling pool in the front - only used once whilst I was there!
Does anyone have any knowledge of this place - were you there also???
I would love to know more to help my memories.
Sallyanne Williams nee Butt


My dad Roy Taylor was at a childrens' home. He never knew whether it was called Rodbrough or Roxborough House either. He would have been there in the 1950s. He often mentions The Black Boys School which was as it was known and was nearby. I will ask him what else he remembers.
Jayne Smith

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