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Whitney Church

Both my father and mother are buried at Whitney Churchyard. Father in 1969, Mother in 1999.

Herefordshire memories

Ernie Crump

My uncle, Ernie Crump, grew up in Eardisley. He was orphanned in 1901 aged 5 and sent from London, to be brought up by a lady he referred to as 'Auntie'. Presumably he attended a local school, the 1911 Census records him as a 'page' in a big house in Tintagel, Cornwall. He served in the Royal Field Artillery in WWI, receiving severe injuries resulting in the amputation of his right arm. He returned to Eardisley sometime about 1920, and spent the rest of his life there. He lived in Clematis Cottage...he said left to him by 'Auntie', with a resident house-keeper, Miss Hughes. He was part owner of the local garage, doing the office work whilst his partner did the mechanical work. My husband and I, visited him in the early 1960's and spent evenings in the Tram Inn where the landlord and other locals regaled us with my uncle's practical jokes. He died...I think, in 1979 but I wonder... Read more

Dorstone in The Golden Valley

In many parts of the world the countryside is largely unclaimed, untamed, even uninhabited; consider, say, the large swathes of Australia’s Kimberley region, Indonesia’s Kalimantan, or the interior of Baffin Island. However, farms and villages, their local characters as well as their local landscapes and histories, are very much part of the English countryside. The rural area around the hamlet of Dorstone in Herefordshire’s Golden Valley is still embedded in my mind because for a decade from about the end of WW2 I used to holiday there as a child; sometimes with and sometimes without my parents, staying with a farming family at nearby Great Llanavon about a mile south-east of the Valley’s northern end. Dorstone was part of the countryside, end-marked by substantial farm house such as The Bell and Great House. An aggregation of houses surrounded the village green where in the early years after the war a hand-operated water-pump still filled buckets of water from a well below. At one side of the green stood... Read more

Before School

High Street c1955, Kington
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Mr & Mrs Potter managed Bon March shop and they had two young boys, Robert and Edmond.  My mum, Edna Griffiths, helped to look after the children and, being pre-school age, I used to go along with her.  Mrs Potter used to bring us pasties from Jones' Bakery (where the Chinese takeaway is now).

On the way home we used to collect paraffin from Dowlings (where Tom Bounds is now) and sweets from Kate Teagle in Church Street (where Jane's sewing is now).

How I would love to be able to squeeze into the photo and have a nostalgic look around.  Happy days.

Gwendoline Langston

The Cross c1955, Kington
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This photo shows my grandmother, Gwen Langston (1891 - 1963), with Mickey who was an Irish Terrier.

Growing up in Kington

The Cross c1955, Kington
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I lived in Kington up until the age of 18 years. My late father, Geoff Taylor, was a keen bowler and known as 'The Firer'. The picture of the cross brings back memories of my father on a Saturday morning catching up with his fellow bowling mates who owned shops in the town. I can also recall the carol singing held under the town clock, as well as walking with my sister Tracy to the local junior school and then I proceeded on to Lady Hawkins School from Duke Street. Friends clothing shop, on the left, was where my father bought my new school uniform, ready for my first day at Lady Hawkins. Sundays were when we walked to church to sing in the choir, past the town clock and up the long hill past Miss Teagle's shop. I recall James's fruit shop and sweet shop just up from the newsagents, with the Burton Hotel opposite the cross. Lots of great memories of the dances and gatherings. What a... Read more

25 Church Street, Kington

Church Street 1956, Kington
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Hi,does anyone know the people that lived at 25 Church Street, Kington in the 1950's as they are relatives of my mother. Would be grateful for a reply. Surnames of Turner or Warren... maybe? Kind regards, Clare

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