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Willoughbridge photos

We have no photos of Willoughbridge, although we do have photos of these nearby places:

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Memories of Willoughbridge

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Shropshire memories

Buntingsdale Hall And Farcroft.

Buntingsdale Hall 1899, Market Drayton
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My first posting as as an L.A.C. Chef in the R.A.F. was to 22 Group H.Q. at the hall in May 1953. I was eighteen at the time and was to become chef to A.V.M. Merton in his residence, Farcroft in Market Drayton.
I reported to the guardroom and was then whisked up to meet the A.V.M. by his P.A. F/Lt. Jan Badini who I was told was a Polish Count. I think he must have been as he later told us about hunting wolves on his estate in Poland before the war.
I was later to live in Farcroft cooking for the A.V.M., his wife known to us as 'Agie' (behind her back), Cpl Davis, Pete Redcar and another batman called O'Gorman.
It was a quiet life for about a year before I was moved on to R.A.F. Bridgnorth.
The main thing I remember there was Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester, coming to dinner and staying the night. I was given an audience the following morning with the Duchess... Read more

Lock Keepers at Tyrley.

Tyrley Locks 1911, Market Drayton
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My great grandfather worked as a lock keeper at Tyrley at the time of my grandmother's birth in 1883.  My great grandfather named William Nixon married an Elizabeth Timmis whose father and brothers also worked as lock keepers at Tyrley and lived there.  My grandmother Eva Nixon married Henry Thacker and he too lived near Tyrley and worked as a 'lengthsman' on the canal.

Betton Hall

Betton Hall 1899, Market Drayton
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I was looking at the photo of Betton Hall and I think my aunty used to live there, Joyce Allen.

Betton in The 1940s-50s

Betton House 1899, Market Drayton
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I remember Ramsdons living at Betton House in the 1940s - 50s.  I myself lived at Moss Lane Farm, Betton from 1939 to 1959.  My fathers name was Arthur Holland.  I also remember delivering the newspapers to Betton House and that there were several small yapping dogs.  I think after that Tellwrights lived at Betton House.  Brenda Bailey nee Holland.

Mid-1948 to Mid-August 1949

Buntingsdale Hall 1899, Market Drayton
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In mid-1948 my RAF posting was to Buntingsdale Hall. Our quarters were one of two occupied Nissen huts where RAF 22 Group communications flight was housed. At first our aircraft occupied a hanger on the Stoke side of the airfield. When a maintenace unit required that hanger we relocated to the Tern Hill side of the airfield, home to the flying training school equiped with Harvard aircraft.
The communications flight was used by Air Marshalls (and associated ranks) to ferry them to RAF 22 group locations, usually in Great Britain and Northern Island.
Buntingsdale Hall was used by us for meals, where a Warrant Officer was in charge.
At Buntigsdale Hall the commanding officer was a Flight lieutenant, nicknamed Tojo.
Our quarters were approached down, and then up, a long flight of steps, from the roadway by the hall. Also on this site were brick buildings housing clerics, a bath- house and a NAAFI,
A civilian driver, using a RAF coach, drove us to work each day. I remember... Read more

National Service at Buntingdale Hall

Buntingsdale Hall 1899, Market Drayton
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Having had basic training at RAF Hednesford I was then posted to Buntingsdale Hall Headquarters Technical Training Command to spend the remainder of my two years National Service in the signals section. I recall that the commissioned ranks outnumbered the non-commissioned ranks at that time. This was an idylic location with an 18th-century baronial hall complete with lake etc.
When it was learned that I had some ability at piano playing, I was regularly asked to provide background music on the officer's 'dining in nights' and my reward comprised a very enjoyable supper.
Flight Lieutenant 'Count' Badini, ADC to the Air Chief Marshall (Air Officer Commanding), was also officer i/c Signals and he, when aware that I could draw, commissioned me to design an insignia representing the signals section. I was granted three weeks free of duties and sent to nearby Shrewsbury to purchase artist materials. A hard life!
My primary duties in the signals section was operating a PBX telephone switchboard with direct lines to all other RAF... Read more


Adderley Hall 1898, Market Drayton
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My Granny - Annie Norris - used to work at Adderley Hall. I do not know the dates. As a child I used to visit the ruins

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